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Workplace: the best ideas for organizing a home office in an apartment

How to organize a home office, which would beConvenient to work with? Today we will show you some wonderful ideas for arranging a work corner in the living room, on the windowsill and even under the staircase. A past work style that involves a daily 8-12 hour stay in the office. With the development of the Internet, the computer industry and communications, it is now possible to work virtually anywhere in the world. Many companies not only allow, but also encourage their employees to work from home. There are pros and cons in such organization of work. Home work is certainly convenient, but there are many factors that can be distracting - a cozy sofa, a TV and a lady's animals that require attention. How to create a working-class home in which it will be really convenient to work and the design of the workplace in the apartment would inspire a fruitful activity? We offer you several ways to arrange such a space. Creation in an apartment can be difficult,But you will find your own workplace, which will ideally suit you. When starting to design, remember the terms: practicality, functionality and individuality. These conditions will accompany the creation of a comfortable workplace at home. In addition, you need to make sure that your small home office is effective. We create an ideal balance for work and leisure (yes, yes, do not forget about it). It is not very convenient if the office is packed with personal things that will interfere with the work process. 1. Where to make a home office The most important thing for a home office is its proper location. The place should be convenient, so that as little as possible extraneous factors distract you from work. 2. Decorate the workplace Decorate the space with objects according to your personal taste and hobbies. Work will become more productive if you are comfortable here. But it's important not to overdo with ornaments. 3. Prepare storage areas Use all possible space for walls, shelves and cabinets. It is important that those things that you use for work are always at hand, and they did not have to search long. 4. In which room to do office Office can be any room in your home. Add a rack in the living room, enlarge the sill, fix the table top to the wall - any options are possible. 5. Office in the kitchen Often the brightest place with natural light is the kitchen. In the kitchen there is always a table, no need to put one more to work. A storage for documents can be equipped in one of the kitchen cabinets. 6. Choose furniture Please pay attention to office furniture. The chair should be comfortable, and the table should contain all the necessary items. Do not forget about drawers, it's very functional. Great plus home office: in choosing furniture you can be guided only by your own taste. It often happens that the place that is selected inApartment for office, can not boast of large sizes. In this case, compact tables can greatly alleviate the situation. If you do not clutter it with unnecessary items, a small table will be enough for work. Even less space is occupied by tables,Wall. In fact, it's just a table top, without legs and drawers. If you do not work every day and you do not need a table often, you can find a model with a hinged lid. 7. What color do the office? The white color helps the best concentration. To revive the workplace, you can use several contrasting details. 8. Carefully maintain the storage of working documents and tools. In order not to create chaos, you can use the trays for storing papers and special containers. 9. Hiding the wires When organizing a computer corner in an apartment, provide convenient wire connection for electrical appliances: computer, monitor, printer, fax, chargers, etc. Thus, you can avoid finding a free outlet in the house: everything will be in one place. That the wires do not interfere, you can hide them in a box. 10. Office near the window The workplace by the window is an ideal place for work. There is always a lot of natural light and air. If the eyes get tired from working with the computer, you can give them a few minutes of rest and observe what is happening outside the window. What, you will agree, is much more pleasant than looking at the wall. eleven. Office under the stairs If you are a happy owner of a two-story apartment or a country house, then you probably have a ladder. And under the stairs there is always room for a table and shelves for working materials and documents. On a note!

  • Feel free to borrow ideas, see howArranged offices with your friends, be inspired by photos on the Internet, ask advice from friends and professionals. In each of the offices there is something individual: a large notice board, cozy places for storage, beautiful wooden floors, a large solar window for natural light or a round mirror above the desk. Perhaps it is the color of the walls or a funny rug, wallpaper in the bookshelves or the shape of the table, an unusual chair.
  • There is nothing shameful about making furniture yourself. The stores do not always have shelves, tables, cabinets of suitable size and shape.
  • If you do not have carpentry skills or enough time, you can always find a professional who will make the missing details of the office individually for you.
  • If the house has children and animals, make sure that your office has protected places - upper shelves or closable boxes. It will be a pity if long hours, days or weeks of work go to nothing.
  • Separate the work area from the rest area. The office should have a working atmosphere. After completing the business, you can relax in the living room or bedroom or go for a walk. Office - just for work.
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