House and Cottage

Cobblestone cottage with concrete plumbing and luxurious views of the Alps -


The house in the Alps ... sounds cozy, romantic and promising. This house breaks the templates and quite contrary to expectations, but it does not become less interesting from it

The Italian architect Alfredo Vanotti (AlfredoVanotti) recently passed his next project Casa VI. The house turned out, to put it mildly, unusual. Let's start with the fact that it was built on the ruins of the previous structure in the town of Sondrio, which is in the north of Italy. One of the building materials used in the construction, were found in the vicinity of cobbles.

Internal filling includes three materials: iron, concrete and wood. The interior turned out to be minimalist, harsh and, in our opinion, quite cold. However, the result is certainly approved by the customer, which means that it completely suits him.

What you want to pay attention to separately, soit's on concrete, which thanks to the production technology from afar resembles the texture of a highlighted tree, therefore from the first fleeting glance it is difficult to say where one is, where the other is. In fact, this is a holiday home, and, most likely, will be used by the owner as a platform for contemplation.

As door handles and accessories authorused a leather cord with a knot at the base, all the soft furniture is represented by a bed and a chair-sack on the second floor, but the strangest thing is a bathroom: concrete plumbing with wooden covers. Alfredo Vanotti argues that most of the interior items are made according to his author's sketches, including the same plumbing. Well, we are under the impression.