House and Cottage

Ideal country house -


What does a dream house look like? In our opinion, first of all it should be cozy, small, and it should have a terrace. Just this house we found - do not believe it - in England

We found a country house of dreams. Interior interiors are compact, cozy and some incredibly cute. It seems that's why the project was called "Little Bear".

A small cozy kitchen is connected to the living room,Consisting of a single small sofa. A little further is the dining area. There are quite a lot of tables and chairs here. And why build a summer cottage, if not for tea drinking in the open air?

On the stone terrace there are sun beds, anotherA table with chairs - and complete the landscape with a magical view of the forest. On the side of the house there is a bath with wood heating. The easiest way to get to it is through the sleeping area, there is also a separate entrance.

Right in front of the house is a barbecue area with small benches and stumps. In general, this is, of course, a dacha for rest from the city bustle, although the beds on either side of the house are quite easy to imagine.