Apartments up to 45 sq.m.

How to equip an apartment in which everything is very small

A small apartment, a tiny kitchen, scantyBathroom - if all this is about you, read our article. Designer Marina Sarkisyan, having designed this crumb, solved immediately all the pressing problems of those who live in small apartments. The owners of this small apartment are middle-aged musicians. The apartment is located in a very old house, built in 1928, in a quiet area of ​​the city center. Hoping to make his apartment cozy and realize old dreams, the couple turned to designer Marina Sargsyan, who already has a whole collection of reincarnated small apartments. Marina Sarkisyan, designer-decorator In the profession - since 2005. Born in the family of an artist who taught Marina to plunge into art with her head, to see the beauty in the most primitive subjects. She graduated from the Technical University, the School of Design, profile courses at the Career Training Center, and attended design master-classes in Finland.


Originally the apartment was one-room. Its area is 39 square meters. It has a rather modest kitchen, a very small bathroom - less than two square meters. The owners of the apartment have always dreamed of having a separate, isolated bedroom. The presence of two windows in the room allowed to realize their desire. The space was divided into a small bedroom and a living room. As a result, the project turned out to be a two-room apartment. Our opinion: - One of the most "sick" issues of small apartments is the organization of a sufficient number of places to store all things. And they are in many families, especially where there are children, so many that apartments often resemble warehouses. Since this couple does not already live with children, they needed places to store only their belongings. In addition to the zones organized in the apartment, in many houses in Finland there are separate subsidiary premises in the cellars of houses. They have a small area for each tenant. The hosts remained satisfied with the project, and now the apartment is already in full repair. Let's take a closer look at what the apartment will look like in a few months. Storage systems in the apartment are organized as follows: at the entrance - a built-in wardrobe for seasonal items. In a small bedroom, storage systems are built on either side of the head of the bed. In the living room there is a cabinet-showcase, a spacious TV stand and a bookshelf. In the kitchen there is a pantry with an area of ​​1.23 square meters. M, in which you can store household things necessary in the house quite often.


All furniture will be purchased from famousManufacturers offering a wide range for small spaces. Part will be brought from the furniture stores of St. Petersburg by car. Italian cuisine will be bought in Finland in an Italian kitchen store. Some pieces of furniture - analogues of Russian, are sold in Finland at Vepsalainen stores, ASKO, vintage furniture stores in Helsinki. Entrance hall:

  • Built-in wardrobe - to order,
  • Bra - Visual Comfort & Co,
  • Console and stool - Gramercy Home,
  • Chandelier - Le Home.


  • Kitchen furniture - Cesar Etoile (Italy),
  • Textiles - Sanderson, Colefax and Fowler, Eaton collection (England),
  • Dining room - Gramercy Home,
  • Chandelier - Bellon Alfareros,
  • Sconce - Bianchini Capone.


  • Bed - Gramercy Home,
  • Built-in wardrobes - to order,
  • Table and armchair - "Interior shop", Chateau,
  • Fireplace - Orac Luxxus,
  • Textiles - Simta, Designers Guild,
  • Chandelier and sconce - Arte Lamp Vilaggio.

Living room:

  • Furniture - Gramercy Home, Restoration Hardware;
  • Chandelier - Lucide Robin.


  • Toilet bowl - Roca Gap,
  • Locker with mirror - Laufen,
  • Sconce - Citilux,
  • Shower stall and overhead shower - Hansgrohe Raindance,
  • Top light - built-in bathroom fixtures.

Our opinion: - Pay attention to how cool in the living room there is an open cupboard. It is located in the zone of a narrow passage, and this is an excellent answer to the question: what to do with narrow corridors.

Color and light

Mainly the apartment uses a centralIllumination in combination with local, represented by wall lamps and table lamps. Everything is thought out, based on the needs of customers. The decor plays an important role. A copy of the painting by Robert Vonnoh (Robert William Vonnoh), met at the entrance to the apartment, and builds a kind of "holds" the interior. And the presence as a decor of ancient engravings with notes, the original modern figurine "Violin" - a reminder of the preferences of customers, about their world. After all, they are musicians, creative people. Stylistically the interior is eclectic, it hasA little "breath" of the French village: the classic stucco molding, vintage furniture - all this makes the interior harmonious and very cozy. Simultaneously it is easy. Probably thanks to the beautiful color scheme that unites all the rooms. The greenish-olive-lilac shades and floral prints look very nice and do not irritate.


Separately, we want to note the bathroom. It is very small, literally tiny, though combined. Its area is less than two square meters. A familiar problem for those who live in small rooms and hruschevkah. In such premises often and a washing machine to put nowhere. Yes, it is bad and uncomfortable when the apartments are tiny bathrooms, but if it really happened, and there is no opportunity to improve their living conditions, we suggest not to despair and to equip beautiful that is. In Finland, in old houses, small bathrooms are quite common. In this apartment for the competent distribution of space it was decided to install an upper shower and a shower rack. Marina Sarkisyan, designer: - The shell was chosen small in depth, but with a locker. The shower tray takes up a lot of space, so the ladder is the optimal solution. In addition, this is a very common option in Finland, even in new homes with a larger bathroom area. Washing machine was not necessary to install in the bathroom, because the house has a laundry room, and the conclusions for the machine were in the pantry. They just in case left. Laundry room in Finland are very common - even in the presence of washing machines in the apartment tenants use them actively (this service is included in the rent and saves on electricity payments). Approximate budget: 1 000 000 - 1 200 000 rubles.

Tips for the arrangement of small apartments:

  • No matter how ridiculous this may sound, the first thingYou need to calm down and get ready for the spirit when it seems to you that you live in a cage, few of which simply do not happen. Believe me, there are, and people somehow manage and live there. This apartment is a perfect example of how you can beautifully and comfortably equip any apartment. It is clear that arrange bowling lanes 30-40 squares is impossible, but to choose some of the most needed areas and beautifully appointed them - is quite real. Whether it's a children's room, a separate bedroom, a closet, a tiny bathroom - you choose.
  • Do not clutter the apartment with furniture. From this, cabinets will seem even bigger and angry you every time you go into the door. Often enough two or three carefully thought-out places for storing all things. Prefer prefabricated cabinets, custom-made furniture or narrow "cases".
  • If you have a small bathroom and there are no old people,Which are hard to stand, give preference to the shower. And it is better not to store (they are as huge as baths), and made to order. And even if there are old people, you can buy for them a small wooden chair.
  • Hang the big mirrors. They will visually expand the boundaries of your rooms. In narrow hallways, this is particularly appropriate.
  • If you want to have an isolated bedroom, do it. This is quite possible, as our example shows.
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