How to make an apron for the kitchen: 20 unusual ideas


Kitchen apron is often the brightest accentOf the whole space. To miss such an opportunity, in our opinion, is an interior crime. Our bright selection surely will convince you of this and spodvignet to change

Oh, how many times have we recalled this detail of the interiorKitchen and do not tire of repeating that choosing the right kitchen apron is sometimes more important than ... Just believe that this is important. Many of us do not dare to experiment with the design of the kitchen space, most often preferring light ("non-marble") sets with capacious boxes and a good table top.

And at first the kitchen seems magnificent -Bright, radiant and incredibly beautiful. And then a couple of months pass and we realize with horror that we are bored, gray and melancholy in the kitchen. What's wrong? Little color and play. The eye gets used to it, it has nothing to catch on, the view is blurred, and now we are yawning, making endless coffee and blaming all the weather.

And the problem is actually quite different. We encourage you to create bright interiors, play with shapes and textures not because it looks great in the picture - the human psyche is so arranged that we just need a color variety.

Of course, you can get used to a green sofa,And to colorful paper garlands, hung on the walls. But if you approach the choice of accents with intelligence and calculation, they will please you much longer than beige walls and white furniture.

As for the kitchen apron, thanks to the timely technology and wild imagination of designers, you can count on the embodiment of the most daring fantasies. Tiles of multi-colored glass, steel, ceramics,Wood, natural stone of the most amazing shapes and sizes. Now there is only one problem - on what to stop and how to stay, so as not to change the kitchen apron every six months.