Design curtains for the kitchen: 16 original ideas


The problem of choosing curtains for the kitchen hardly worriesRight now the minds of millions, but the question of beauty and comfort certainly takes the thoughts of any mistress. In our new collection there are enough ideas for inspiration and creating masterpieces in your kitchen

Show your creativity in the design of windowsThe kitchen is not so simple as it might seem at first glance. And all because of the abundance of options. After all, curtains or, in our case, curtains can be a logical continuation of the surrounding interior, literally merging with the background, and become a bright accent, for which the eye will constantly cling.

If the issue of maintaining the surrounding space is clear - choose textiles for the color of wallpaper or facades, - then over the accents will have to work.

Make the curtains the only bright spot would be a mistake - as a back-up element, continuing the idea, you can use towels, potholders and upholstery for chairs.

You can also play on an unusual format for filing - for example, a form of curtain or a way of hanging. As for the plot of a possible print, heOpportunities should be meaningful. In other words, the Madonna in the Da Vinci grotto, even in the form of a sketch, is brilliant, but in the kitchen it is not the place, even if the shades perfectly resonate, it is better to pick something more peaceful and appetizing.