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How to make a real playground for children from an attic: instruction

If you have a spacious loft and you wantTurn it into a real children's playroom, then we bring to your attention a unique, but very effective solution from Taiwanese designers Yestudio! Look, read, be inspired. Every child needs a special place where one could play, run, jump, draw, have fun with friends. And it was this place that the designers of the Taiwanese architectural agency Yestudio created. At their disposal was an attic with an area of ​​40 square meters. M, an order from the family and the original idea. In the end, it turned out that they called My Secret Garden. My secret garden is a wooden constructionBlocks, including the height of ceilings allowed designers to make a special mezzanine, which leads the stairs and from which you can easily go down the hill. Yes, the hill is really cool! The customer asked the designers to design thisA game room for their two daughters and their friends, who are often on a visit. Therefore, Yestudio tried to leave as much space as possible, and added special drawers in which you can store toys and on which you can sit. And although the whole design is made in styleMinimalism and maximum simplicity, it still has a lot of room for imagination. Moreover, functionality allows children to do absolutely everything they want.


Taiwanese architectural agency workingOn the principle of "simplicity makes a good design." Their work is based on the use of simple but functional elements, as well as in close cooperation with the customer. Yestudio works both with the design of interiors, and with landscape design, architecture and construction. Particular attention should be paid to the installation of slides for children. Perhaps, it is a real dream of every child - to have a big hill at home, with which you can ride with your friends. And other elements of the "Secret Garden" causedelight. There are boxes, stairs, and, and a hill, and a mezzanine where you can play. And what else is necessary for children, except for the arranged space and own imagination? We do not make clear boundaries of space. Instead, we give more opportunities for the imagination of the user who is to spend time in this space.

Yestudio By the way, the scheme of the construction of My secretThe garden is very simple, so that if desired, everyone can make themselves like that. Especially if you reduce the size, this design will be able to accommodate and. True, this room will have to be freed from other furniture. Children such a space will probably have toTaste. After all, they see the world in a completely different light and perceive their place for games as something completely unreal. So you can safely say that the employees of Yestudio tried their best!;; Photo: Clivelan