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How to prepare a house for sale: 5 tips -

The real estate market is, alas, not boiling. But this does not mean that it's time to give up. Sometimes, to sell a house moved from a dead point, you just need to use design laws that allow you to emphasize advantages and disadvantages to hide. Read our article to find advice that will help sell your house. Of course, no tricks will not help hide obvious problems and will not save you if you want to get an amount that does not correspond to market reality. But in any matter preparation is important - try to look at your house through the eyes of an outsider and start with the basics.

1. Appearance: put in order

The first impression is very important - pack, ifBefore the hands did not reach it. Make sure that the wicket looks friendly and always refresh the paint on the doors and windows outside - the exterior of the house has the same meaning as the inside. Remove all unnecessary out of sight: tools - in the garage, toys - in the nursery, firewood - in a fine woodpile. And even a few flowering bushes will produce the desired effect - guests will decide that the plants were always here, even if you planted them the day before. Our opinion: - Create the impression of a lifestyle that is optimal for your home and for the place where it is. The area is quiet and peaceful? Hang a hammock in the yard, even if you yourself do not like idleness. Near the lake? Put the fishing rods in sight.

2. Interior: update and repair

We understand that major repairs are not included in theYour plans. But now it's time to update everything that can scare off the buyer. Does the floor creak? Align or at least put the carpet. Are the taps dripping? Repair and make sure that the communications at home are in order, first of all, the invited appraisers will pay attention to this. Does the kitchen look good? Specialists call it the most valuable room: it is her attractiveness that often pushes the deal. The value will increase the replacement of old furniture facades, the renovation of machinery, even simple cleaning - let all the surfaces shine. New things in the interior always produce a favorable impression, even if it's trifles - invest in, door handles or decorative pillows.

3. Decor: neutralize and get rid of personal belongings

Your potential buyers can be veryDifferent people, but they all want to feel at home and imagine their own lives in the walls where someone else lived for many years. To prevent this can be too bright color solutions, and a general excess of decor, and an abundance of things that reflect the identity of the owner - we mean collections, souvenirs, photos. Let the interior be a clean sheet: add white and cream, get rid of things that have not been used for a long time - rest assured, agents and their customers will look into your cabinets to estimate their size, so it's important to keep things in order and not out of sight.

4. Adding Light

Light, especially reflected in glossySurfaces and mirrors, will perform the work of a whole team of builders - will expand the space. Well, at least visually. In the evening light, if it is, so that buyers are convinced that it works perfectly. Turn on the ceiling lights and lamps in the dark corners. And wash the windows - dirty glasses hold up to 30 percent of valuable daylight.

5. The scenography of the house

Final stage of preparation for displays agentsCalled staging - staging, staging. Light the scented candles, or even better - bake rolls with cinnamon, this smell soothes and relieves nervous tension. Turn on soft music - classics or jazz. Put the fresh flowers on the table and brew the coffee. Try to demonstrate all the advantages of your home - a great view from the windows, emphasize, having removed the blinds, draw attention to the cozy corner for reading, casually leaving there a blanket and a book. The house, designed harmoniously, in which lived a full and happy life, will certainly find its new owner. Our opinion: - Studies show that real estate is sold faster if the buyer feels the aromas of rosemary, white tea and figs. And music that causes any positive emotions that spread to the object in question - smooth jazz, instrumental transcriptions of popular tunes and hits of the Beatles group. Anastasia Dobrovolskaya, realtor: - Cleanliness and order are very important when preparing a house for sale, as well as the absence of extraneous unpleasant smells and noise. The aromas of pies and coffee always cheer up, but the strong odors in the bathrooms are alarming: here or just washed, or they hide the sewage leaks. Think about the design of the windows and the thresholds of the rooms - does the garbage come from outside? Such a banal thing, like batteries, will necessarily raise questions: how are they arranged, do not leak. Personal things in sight should not be, leave only something beautiful: books, shawls, elegant cups, a vase of fruit or vegetables in the kitchen. Cloakrooms and cloakroom buyers carefully study: let there everything will be in its place. The trick is to get the customer to "live" in space while watching. It is important to show all the functional moments beautifully, such as convenient switches or "smart home" parts. And the most attractive photos are obtained if you make them with the maximum light turned on, when it's just starting to get dark.