Where did Virginia Woolf live: the houses of nine famous writers


The whole world celebrates its birthday on January 25the famous English writer Virginia Woolf. In honor of this date, we show you the house where she lived. And also 8 more houses of other famous foreign writers. Perhaps every creative person is interested in looking at the houses in which inspiration came to the most famous foreign writers - recognized classics and popular modern authors. We offer you a selection of descriptions of the houses of nine famous writers. It was in these mansions that works were born that are read by millions.

House of Virginia Woolf

In this cottage in East Sussex (England)Virginia Woolf, familiar to a wide audience including the story "Haunted House", lived with her husband from 1919 until her untimely death in 1941. Here the writer worked on the novels "Mrs. Dalloway", "On the lighthouse" and other famous works of his.

Mark Twain's House

Tom Sawyer's legendary adventures wereinvented and described in this peculiar house located in Connecticut (USA). Mark Twain lived here from 1874-1891. The plan for the construction of the house was commissioned by Twain to an architect from New York, but he personally invented many of its features and details. The project required significant funds, which the writer did not have. Fortunately, during this period, the publishing company published the book "Simpletons Abroad", and the resulting income allowed Mark Twain to build the house exactly as he wanted it to be.

William Faulkner House

In this house an American writer, a laureateThe Nobel Prize for Literature William Faulkner moved to the 1930s. The mansion in Mississippi (USA) was purchased with money received for the publication of a series of short stories. In 1962 (six years after Faulkner's death) the house was declared a national historical monument of the United States.

George Orwell's house

The most famous of his novel, the anti-utopia "1984"George Orwell wrote in this house in Scotland. Here he moved in 1946 with his son, and although the writer's health rapidly deteriorated, Orwell managed to complete his most successful work.

House of Ernest Hemingway

Immediately after the novel was published“Farewell to Arms!” Ernest Hemingway moved to this house in Florida (USA). Here were written the stories "The Snows of Kilimanjaro", "The Short Happiness of Francis Macomber", the novel "For Whom the Bell Tolls" and many other works. Currently, the Hemingway house has the status of a monument of literary heritage. Hemingway lived here for only nine years, but 70 percent of the works he created fall precisely on this nine-year period, which became the most "fertile" in his entire life.

Head of the Hemingway House Museum Dave Gonzalez

House of Nathaniel Hawthorne

This house in colonial style, located inMassachusetts (USA), Nathaniel Hawthorne purchased in 1852. Here were written many works of the late period of the writer's work. Since 1962, the mansion is considered a national historical monument of the United States. Editorial opinion:- Pay attention to how different houses were chosen by famous writers in order to live and create. Every creative genius is unique - it is not surprising that he also requires a unique atmosphere. However, there is something in common in these mansions: they are all spacious enough and are located in picturesque places, surrounded by lush greenery. Who knows, perhaps space and unity with nature can be considered favorable conditions for the development of writing talent. Agree, it is interesting not only to see the houses where writers lived many decades ago, but also to “drop in on a visit” to our contemporaries. We offer a one-eyed look at the homes of Stephen King, J.K. Rowling and E.L. James. The novels of these authors are sold in millions of copies and are successfully filmed, and the creators themselves have been holding leading positions in the ratings of the most popular modern writers for several years.

Stephen King's House

Victorian estate of the famous AmericanWriter Stephen King is in the city of Bangor, Maine, USA. In general, the house of the "king of horrors" would look quite ordinary, if not forged figures that adorn the gates. Perhaps, only they hint at the genre in which Stephen King writes. By the way, the author is in the top 10 of the richest American writers by the version of Forbes.

Joan Rowling House

World-famous writer - author of books aboutHarry Potter - now owns several houses. One of them is located in Tasmania (Australia). Joanne Rowling, steadily occupying leading positions in all kinds of ratings of wealthy writers, has purchased this house for 11 million dollars. It has seven bedrooms, three guest rooms, a living room, a dining room, a gym, three bathrooms and a residential wing for the staff. In the courtyard there is a tennis court and a swimming pool. But in this house, Joan Rowling wrote the very sameA famous story about Harry Potter, a boy with a scar. In 2012, the mansion in Edinburgh was sold to a Scottish businessman, the amount of the deal was not disclosed.

EL EL James House

The popularity of the trilogy "50 shades of gray" aloneoutrages, admires others, but certainly does not leave indifferent. The bestselling author, known as E.L. James, recently showed the world her home in London, where she lives with her husband and children. Perhaps, in appearance, the dwelling may seem somewhat gloomy, but the interior is very light, cozy and cheerful. The mansion has a kitchen, a living room with a fireplace, a small reading room and several rooms for family members. In addition, the house houses the writer's private office and a swimming pool with a terrace.,,,,