Energy Saving Houses

How to save energy: a passive house from Michigan


Today, with the example of a passive house from Midland,that in the state of Michigan (USA), we will consider how to arrange with your mind your own "nest", which can exist in harmony with Mother Nature. Today in our field of vision came a project called InVision Zero. This is the brainchild of 2 large American companies engaged in the development and construction of passive houses: Cobblestone Homes and Dow Chemical Company. They wanted to create an energy efficient house, accessible to ordinary citizens who do not have large funds. And passive houses, as you know, are projects that require an initially impressive investment of funds. But in the future they pay for themselves. The specialists of these companies managed to create a house,which uses 60-70% less energy than conventional ones. In appearance, it is no different from them, but its internal filling is amazing. InVision Zero has framed walls. They are insulated from the inside with a special thermal gel. The windows are equipped with Paradigm triple glazing. The house is able not only to retain heat, but also to process steam and carbon dioxide (up to 30 233 pounds per year), turning them into electricity, and also providing them with heating systems. Interestingly, the roof of this passive house, toouneasy. It looks like ordinary tiles, but in fact - solar batteries, stylized for it. Excellent disguise! Due to this reception, the exterior of the house does not suffer, and its energy efficiency increases. Switches of light Green Switch work withoutelectric wires, on special chips that interact with each other. The brightness level is adjusted with dimmers. This also saves energy. As for the internal "filling" of the house, hereenvironmentally friendly materials prevail, many of which have been recycled. They are safe for the environment and for humans. For example, in the kitchen, we can observe quartz countertops, metal household appliances, a cooker hood, which can also convert vapors into additional energy. For lighting, LED lamps and compact fluorescent backlighting are used here. The cost of the passive InVision Zero is $ 250,000.

Useful recommendations: how to make your house energy efficient.

  • For additional heat and economyelectricity can be used solar panels. If this is not possible, then consider the layout of the house in such a way that its windows face south. Strive to ensure that the light falling in them can spread throughout the house.
  • Choose for glazing triple-glazed windows witha thin layer of metal coating on the surface. They are also called windows with low heat dissipation, since sunlight can safely penetrate through them into the house and stay there for a long time.
  • For lighting choose fluorescent, fluorescent or LED-lamps. They are able to save up to 15% of electricity.
  • Pay attention to a heating source such as a condensing boiler: it is able to convert more than 90% of its fuel into thermal energy.
  • Heat water for shower, bath or washbasin using solar energy, using the collectors for this.