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How to save money when choosing windows for an apartment and a house -


Want to change windows, but are afraid not to fit intobudget? Build a house and think about what you can save on? Want to lower your electricity and heating bills? Our "anti-crisis" advice and recommendations of manufacturers will help you The times of glazing everything and immediately "turnkey" have passed. And it's not just the crisis and the desire to save money. The modern philosophy of living space design assumes a more personal and practical approach. And this can and should be used. Recently, plastic windows have become much lighter, quieter, more reliable, and most importantly, smarter. Their ability to adapt to different conditions allows us to make the best choice and save money without losing quality. Tatyana Serova, "Windows in the house": - Firstly, quality windows, which reliably protect us from street noise and winter cold, are not necessarily expensive. Even the most titled manufacturers meet "budget" rulers. For example, Blitz's windows at Rehau - the famous German quality at a very reasonable price. Secondly, it is by no means always necessary to put windows with the maximum width of the profile and the thickness of the double-glazed windows. The choice depends on the set of functions that you need in a particular room. Therefore, first of all, it is necessary to decide where the maximum heat and noise insulation is for you, and where it is possible to do "by small means".

Glazing Planning

If you are going to seriously insulate and glazeBalcony or loggia, a balcony block with a door that will separate it from the main room, can be simple and budget - windows on the balcony itself will almost certainly be enough to protect both noise and cold. If you prefer a "cold" glazing, the protection of the main room should be more serious, but still not the maximum - the balcony design and then take on some of the functions. In rooms, the windows of which go out into the quietInner courtyard, you can save on noise insulation. And in brick or monolithic houses with thick walls and good central heating - on the thickness of the profile: there probably will be enough reliable systems of economy class. Tatyana Serova, "Windows in the house": - In good urban flats, the windows to the south in most cases are quite 60-profile systems. The exception is the busy track under the windows and the need for additional sound insulation, as well as rooms designed for young children. Another thing - a detached house, a twin house or a town house with its own boiler room. Here you should not save on windows - you need to put the most energy-efficient designs: multi-chamber profiles are not less than 70's or 80's and double-glazed windows with additional properties. In the end, this will be cheaper due to the subsequent savings on utility bills.

Smart Windows

With a reasonable approach, the window itself canBecome a serious source of savings and improve the quality of life. How? It is through the windows and balcony construction that most of the heat goes away in winter and autumn. This issue is especially acute in private homes, where every extra degree turns into additional expenses. A good multi-chamber profile can reduce losses to 70-75 percent. In Europe, the ability of the window system to heat savings is now considered one of the main consumer characteristics. We are still paying little attention to this. And in vain. Tatyana Serova, "Windows in the house": - The more effective the window keeps the heat, the more you will be able to save. And not only with the help of a profile. But with the help of a double glazing. Because of its low thermal conductivity, it is the glass that is the most vulnerable part of the window for frost. To avoid heat loss, a thin layer of silver is applied to its surface. This principle, for example, "works" Solar glass. Such glasses are called low-emission glasses. They reflect most of the heat from the heaters back into the room, but freely let in the sunlight. Installation of such structures pays off in about two years. And then the windows directly start saving the money of their owners. It's winter.In the summer, smart windows help to optimize the indoor climate by reflecting excess UV radiation, and save us money spent on the operation of the air conditioner. This is especially important for houses with "panoramic" glazing on the sunny side - in summer, a "smart" glass unit will not only save households from the heat, but also the interior from fading. If there are few windows and most of them face north, look for structures that let in the maximum amount of light. They can help you cut down on your electricity bills.

If there are already windows

It is believed that at the current level of developmentTechnology house with zero energy consumption in Russian climatic conditions can not be built. Another thing - the "passive house", that is, the building, living mainly due to its internal resources. Attempts to build such in the central strip of Russia have already been shown and quite worthy results. Energy-efficient house Polygon Lab Energy-efficient house Polygon Lab Energy-efficient house Polygon Lab Energy-efficient house Polygon Lab Our view: - Designers say that the average cost of heating, lighting, hot water and all household needs of the cottage area of ​​100-120 square meters. M, built according to the standards of the "passive house", will amount to no more than 2500 rubles per month, provided sufficient ecological culture of the tenant. That is, if a person living in the house does not forget to turn off the light and water that he does not use, separate the garbage, turn on the generator and so on. Saving is achieved not least due to translucent structures located on the sides of the world (the sunny, southern side "opens" as much as possible, and the northern one, on the contrary, is smaller) and equipped with modern double-glazed windows that save energy and protect the house from overheating. This technology is quite available, and use itAlready now any consumer can. It is enough to determine the set of functions that you need, and call a consultant-zamerschika. Change the glass unit without changing the profile - the procedure is fast and clean. It will not take much time and effort. But the funds can help save a lot of money afterwards.