Organization of space

How to save space in the bathroom: 5 win-win ways -


A small bathroom is one of the most painful areasAny apartment. How to fit here everything you need, where to find a place to store a million necessary things? We will act decisively: we save the place with all our might. How? Read our article on the 5 best ways. Probably, no one ever in the history of design did not say and did not think that his bathroom is too big. Saving space is an eternal theme and a headache for both customers and designers. Places are always not enough, and now we will try to figure out why this is happening and how to fix it.

Get rid of excess

Start with the basics. Where did you get the whole collection of dressing gowns? Cosmetic test probes that are older than your children? Six types of shower gels and 13 shampoos? It's not surprising that it does not turn around here. Let's think that the bathroom is really necessary. The bath itself, of course, or a more compact shower. Mirror and good lighting in the area around it. Rug - to step on the cold slippery floor is unpleasant and dangerous. Soap and the cosmetics that you use regularly. Towel - well, a couple of towels for each member of the family. Everything else can already be considered superfluous. Our opinion: - Keep cleaning tools close at hand, but it does not need to be a bucket and a mop. For easy daily cleaning of surfaces suitable and wet wipes or sponges. A clean room always looks better (and more).

Reduce the size of the plumbing

Let's try to reduce the largest objects inroom. looks lighter and makes use of the space underneath. A shower instead of a bath saves not only space, but also water. And think about installing a small sink - angular or at least round in shape, and maybe even one in which the faucet is located at the end.

Organize trivia

Make sure everything you need is easy to reach.Think of delimiters, for example. Keep only daily used items on free surfaces - a toothbrush, soap. It is logical to store accessories for washing in an organizer or on a shelf directly in the shower. And don't forget about open shelves and the use of niches for storing small items. Our opinion: - Organize the space inside the lockers too - put the flasks at the back wall on the stand to make them easier to reach, or use a rotating tray - in English it's called Lazy Susan, or "Lazy Suzanne", and you'll be able to work just a little less than usual , creating order.

Add Light

Remember all the useful ones - light colors, glossysurfaces, mirrors in the interior. Use more than one luminaire if possible. There are three types of lighting - general, functional and accent, respectively, these roles can be performed by ceiling built-in lamps, sconces over the sink and, for example, candles in dark corners.

Choose comfort

It is difficult to relax in cramped, so the lack ofplaces it is necessary to balance the excess of convenience. Put a soft mat on the floor, hang bright and fluffy towels, add your favorite decor - a picture or a statuette. And even if the shower curtain causes a smile every day.