Organization of space

How to live at 24 meters: 10 tips for the owner of a small apartment

How to organize your space competentlySmall size? After all, you want to not just arrange everything necessary for life, but also make the apartment cozy and comfortable. In our article - wise advice of an architect living in a tiny apartment. Today we will tell you about. The author of the project of this small 24-meter apartment in Vienna was the young talented architect Sam Ben Hamida (Sam Ben Hamida). Sam Ben Hamid, architect Sam Ben Hamida, studies architecture at the Technical University of Vienna. All his life he lived in small apartments, so he knows firsthand how to create in a small room an environment that is comfortable for rest or work. A small apartment requires special attention to and its arrangement. Sam Ben Hamid gave several invaluable advice on the organization of small spaces.

1. Measure everything

Creating an interior for a small apartment requiresAttention to the smallest details. Be sure to carefully measure the area of ​​the room, the height of the ceiling, the size of the window. This will help you find furniture that fits perfectly into your apartment.

2. Create a sketch

Imagine how the chosen furniture will beFunction in your apartment during the day. It is clear that some elements, such as carpet or lamps, will be static. But the doors of the cupboard will open, the sofa will unfold, and the drawers of the table will move out. Try to arrange furniture in such a way that nothing prevents you from using any piece of furniture.

3. Remove all unnecessary

Table lamps, TV, computer,Extensions, charging - all this and much more entails an innumerable number of wires, which often "settle" under beds or tables. Try to find ways to hide all these cables. This will give your apartment a neat look. Sam Ben Hamid created the design of the premises with the expectation that the small dimensions of the apartment will not prevent it from making it spacious. This can be achieved by strictly selecting the necessary things. Ask yourself - what do you really need for a comfortable life? Get rid of unnecessary things and in the future try not to collect them in the apartment. This will help your apartment look neat. In addition, in small rooms, free space is worth its weight in gold!

4. Decide on the color

Well, if you have already chosen a color scheme forYour apartment. If not - try to test the selected paint on a small section of the wall. This will help you to get an idea of ​​what the room will look like in daylight and artificial lighting and, most likely, will save from possible disappointments associated with the choice of "not your" color.

5. Multifunctionality

The designer designed the apartment project for himself, andOne of the important criteria in choosing furniture was multifunctionality. It was necessary to decide the issue with the location of the bed, because the room should not have looked like a bedroom. Do not put a large double bed in the room where you plan not only to spend the night, but also to work. It is best to consider the options of folding beds. If the ceiling height allows, you can build a loft bed. It also uses a folding sofa, easy to handle and very comfortable for sleeping and resting.

6. Zoning of premises

In the arrangement it is also important to consider whichIt is the zone you want to place in it. Most likely, it will be a working area and a recreation area. Do not be afraid to divide a small room into several parts, this will not diminish its size in the least. In addition, it is not necessary to demarcate these zones by a blank wall. Separation can be conditional. Between the sofa and the computer table Sam Ben Hamid put the closet on the wheels. Due to this, if necessary, the working area or rest area can be increased in turn.

7. Workplaces

Since Sam Ben Hamid works a lot at home, withThe arrangement of the room was important to provide for the opportunity to do business in different parts of the apartment. "Home" working day can last infinitely long, so it is necessary for a variety to periodically work not only sitting, but also lying, and with different lighting.

8. Lighting

Chandelier, located in the center of the ceiling, is betterAll covers the entire room. But this is not always convenient, because sometimes you want to read before going to sleep with dim light or work at your desk, including a desk lamp. In addition, various light sources are the fastest and most reliable way to create the right atmosphere in a room. Do not forget about this when arranging the room.

9. Think of guests

Take care of the guests that remain with youTo spend the night. A great option for an extra bed is an inflatable mattress. Of course, in the first place it should be convenient. Well, if such an improvised bed in color will be in harmony with the interior of the room.

10. Home, sweet home

Gradually, the space in which you live,Always becomes a part of you. It is important that in your apartment you feel at home, comfortable and comfortable. Therefore, make your apartment the kind where you will be pleased every day to come back.