How to avoid difficulties when buying a property


The architect and builders are usually invited afterbuying or renting real estate. And here a lot of shortcomings usually come to light. Today we will tell you a cautionary story that will convince you that you need to consult with architects and builders in advance.It seems that an architect's consultation is needed only if the apartment has already been purchased, but this is not true, because then you and the architect will correct the flaws in the apartment. So why not check with a professional before buying? This will avoid many of the sad mistakes that we will talk about. A professional architect is necessary at the stage of choosing an apartment, since for a competent conclusion he only needs to look at the apartment plan and compare it with your requirements for the organization of the environment and interior. Suppose you want to have a large kitchen-living room,But the choice of such apartments is not great, you have to look at apartments with large kitchens. But if you show the layout to the architect, he will determine whether it is possible to organize a kitchen-living room in this apartment and whether such an association will be legal. For example, if an apartment is gasified, then it is impossible to combine the kitchen with the adjoining room, just as it is impossible to unite if the premises are divided by the capital wall. What else is useful for an architect when choosing an apartment

  • Will determine the possibility of redevelopment of the apartment.
  • Will estimate the scale of the forthcoming works.
  • Determine how much the apartment meets the standards of insolation.
  • Will appreciate the condition of the apartment.

His instructive story with the editorsshared by Irina Mitrofanova. Irina Mitrofanova Construction company Interio-Line. - My customers have decided to open a cosmetology clinic in the center of Moscow. We found a room in an old building and rented it for several years. Naturally, before that, a business plan was drawn up for the entire project, including the creation of an architectural project and carrying out repair work. But the budget allocated for the design and repair did not take into account the fact that the building is old and may require reconstruction, which will “eat up” the lion's share of the budget money. Unfortunately, to the selection and evaluation of premises forneither a professional architect nor builders were involved in the lease. Thus, risks of a certain nature were not taken into account, and credit funds were intended for the project. After the dismantling work, an unpleasant picture emerged: window and door openings, eight in all, were on the verge of collapse due to irregularities in the laying of ventilation and air conditioning, which had been carried out several years earlier. I am sure that the repair work in the neighboring premises also played a detrimental role, while the norms and rules for such dilapidated buildings were not taken into account. But the owners (or tenants) preferred to sew everything up "quietly" into drywall and not invest in renovation measures. Further in the course of dismantling work in this roomit turned out that the old floors are useless: they are rotten, warped and require a survey, the creation of a reconstruction project and its implementation. All these activities are quite costly, both financially and temporally, and in fact disrupt the implementation of a business plan, drawn up without the involvement of experts for real estate appraisal before renting it. This premises, of course, was assessed in terms of location and prestige of the area, but the condition of the premises at the time of the lease was not taken into account by anyone. As a result, unplanned expenses appeared, and most importantly, there was a colossal loss of time, which is a disastrous factor for any business, and especially its start. Consultation with an architect before purchasing orlong-term lease of any real estate will make sure that you have made the right choice and that the real estate can be converted to suit your requirements. In addition, when a third independent opinion appears on such a difficult issue, this makes it possible to look at the property critically and not make an unprofitable purchase.