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New items of kitchen equipment: a review of the best models


Autumn - it's time to update the kitchen equipment: Ahead of winter, and hence warming family dinners, and protracted holidays. In order to facilitate your choice, today we have prepared the hottest novelties of this season. There is no limit to perfection, and therefore to improve the technical equipment of the kitchen can be continuous and very long. Benefit manufacturers also follow this motto and regularly make us happy with new products. To orientate ourselves in the world of kitchen appliances will help our small selection of the most relevant novelties.

1. Washing machine in retro style Lavatrici

Manufacturer: Smeg (Italy) Store: smeg-store.Common crawl en The main distinguishing feature of the new washing machine from the Smeg company is its appearance, made in the style of the 50s. However, behind the vintage door, there is a modern technological filling with 15 washing programs and an electronic display that reflects all the necessary information. Features: freestanding washing machine; depth - 60 cm; class - A + B; loading - 7 kg; spinning - up to 1 400 rpm The price is 78,700 rubles.

2. Oven OP8656S

Manufacturer: Asko (Sweden) Store: asko-russia.Common crawl en The Asko oven has already received the prestigious Reddot award 2014 and promises to win the heart of its owner after the very first test. The induction oven can also be used as a steamer and microwave. But most importantly, it is very easy to manage. Characteristics: power - 3.4 kW; maximum temperature - 275 ° C; volume - 73 liters. The price is 86,000 rubles.

3. The hob flexInduction

Model EH675MV17E Manufacturer:Siemens (Germany) Shop: You can control the heating power of the new Siemens hob with one finger movement, and the multi-level security system will save not only the younger family members from troubles, but also the wallets of the senior owners - an energy saving system and automatic shutdown about this will take care. Characteristics: type of burners - induction; black colour; height - 5.7 cm; width - 60.2 cm; depth - 52 cm. Price - 30,540 rubles.

4. The device for preparation of hot drinks Tassimo Vivy

Manufacturer: Bosch (Germany) Store: eldorado.Common crawl en Tassimo Vivy was developed taking into account all the requirements and wishes of consumers and therefore it turned out to be very compact, bright and easy to use. And a barcode reading system, unique in its kind, allows you to prepare drinks with the push of a single button. Characteristics: power - 1 300 W; pump pressure - 3.3 bar; removable water tank - 0.7 l; dimensions - 169 x 249 x 298 mm. Price - 4,299 rubles.

5. Hood Adelante

Manufacturer: Gutmann (Germany) The hood from Gutmann not only looks stylish, but also very comfortable to use - it is completely silent! Characteristics: dimensions - 65 x 90 x 48 cm; embedding width - 90 cm; productivity - 950 cubic meters m / h Price - 178 800 rubles.

6. Extractor - SkyPad

Manufacturer - Faber (Italy) Shop One of the main features of the SkyPad hood is its specification. At first glance, you may decide that this is a model built into the ceiling. However, in reality, it is fixed to the ceiling and does not need a separate cutout. Characteristics: speeds - 4; width - 120 cm. Price - 69,600 rubles.

7. Coffee machine CM 450-110

Manufacturer: Gaggenau (Germany) Store: astia.Common crawl en The coffee machine from Gaggenau is fully automatic and highly intelligent - it can memorize up to eight beverage scenarios, and it also has a self-cleaning function that activates after each use. Characteristics: the volume of the water tank - 2.5 liters; power consumption - 1 700 W; voltage - 220-240 V; dimensions - 59 x 45.5 x 56.2 cm. Price - 187,000 rubles.

8. Integrated Refrigerators

Manufacturer:Sub-Zero (USA) Sub-Zero refrigerators are renowned for their size and roominess, but the new models are completely flush with the kitchen façade. Their doors can be hung with stainless steel kitchen panels or Sub-Zero panels, which allows them to fit into the space regardless of the interior style.

9. Coffee Center

Manufacturer:Sub-Zero & Wolf (USA) Coffee lovers sighed in unison. This is a real built-in coffee center that can be very easily customized according to your own preferences and never again worry about the cleanliness of your favorite machine - it is equipped with a unique system that eliminates the difficulties associated with cleaning standard coffee machines.

10. Built-in ovens Wolf

Manufacturer:Sub-Zero & Wolf (USA) This summer, Wolf presented three new oven designs at once, as well as a powerful double convection system, a bright and understandable touch control panel, and most importantly, a significantly increased internal space.