How to get rid of mold in the house


In winter, the problem of mold in the houseescalates. But not everyone knows how much mold is actually dangerous to health and often do not take measures to eliminate it. We sound the alarm and tell you how to destroy mold in an apartment. It often happens that we do not even suspect that there is mold in our apartment. And this is revealed only during the repair, when the wallpaper is removed. However, mold is a very dangerous thing, and you must start fighting it as soon as you notice its presence. Editorial opinion: - Under the mold in the apartment we mean various types of fungi that form branching myceliums without large fruiting bodies that are easily visible to the naked eye. They affect building structures. Once it appears in the apartment, the mold will constantly and actively multiply under favorable conditions. It is so difficult to destroy it that many people prefer to get rid of the apartment by selling it and first hiding the traces of mold behind the wallpaper. Why mold is dangerous Unfortunately, not everyone knows how dangerous these dark circles on the walls and in the corners really are. And they, in turn, can decently shorten the life of a person living in a moldy apartment. Constant inhalation of mold spores causes severe allergic reactions, respiratory problems, nasal congestion, lowers immunity, and can contribute to the development of tuberculosis. The most common diseases caused by mold are asthma, pneumonia, sinusitis, dry cough, skin rashes, cardiovascular disorders, indigestion, headaches, nosebleeds. And prolonged exposure leads to internal bleeding, kidney and liver damage, pulmonary emphysema. In addition, all these diseases can easily become chronic and will be very difficult to cure. It is so hard that it will be much cheaper to "cure" an apartment from mold. In addition to such a deplorable effect on human health, mold destroys unprotected wooden structures, which can turn into dust in a short time. Causes of mold The most important andthe main reason for its development is a suitable environment, that is, high air humidity. If the air in your apartment is heavy, the windows sweat after cooking, washing or taking a shower, then your ventilation system is not working. Editorial opinion: - The management company or HOA is obliged to clean and repair air ventilation systems in apartment buildings: organizations that collect payments for maintenance from you and are engaged in this very maintenance of the house. You have every right to write them an application with a request to establish ventilation, and if it is not fulfilled, file a complaint with the prosecutor's office. If the apartment is located on the ground floor, moisture can rise from the basement. But in this case, utilities must monitor its condition. If the apartment is located on the top floor, the problem may arise due to roof leaks, for which you should also contact the UK. It is believed that mold most often occurs in old panel houses due to a violation of the tightness at the joints. This, of course, is true, but this is not the only point. Any violation of building codes matters here. In new buildings fungal lesions of steelmeet at least as often as in the old housing stock. The defeat of walls and load-bearing structures in newly built houses is attributed to the appearance of new insulation. They contribute to a much better "retention" of heat, but the dew point - the temperature at which the steam begins to condense into drops of water - is shifted. Most often, this effect causes expanded polystyrene, which has become popular because of its cheapness. Stepan Bugaev, interior designer - Moldmay appear on the front walls of an apartment when the interpanel seams are not sealed hermetically. When exposed to side wind and rain, moisture simply has nowhere to evaporate, so the moisture goes inside, where it is warmer, and appears in the form of mold on the walls inside the room. Mold can appear when façade walls are not properly insulated. The dew point in such cases does not fall on the vapor barrier layer, but on the inner wall. Mold can also form in bathrooms. Moisture gets into hard-to-reach places (for example, behind a bathtub), evaporation is impossible, as a result of which mold forms. Poor ventilation in the bathroom can make the situation worse. Ways to combat mold It should be noted that getting rid of mold is very difficult, but with the help of a whole range of measures it is possible to do this. First of all, you need to find in the apartment all sections of the walls, furniture, ceiling, affected by mold. Before that, be sure to put on a mask! Take a regular construction trowel and clean the affected walls with it. If the spots are still small, they can be treated with hydrogen peroxide or vinegar. A large area of ​​fungus will have to be scraped down to concrete or brick, and then thoroughly cleaned with a brush. If the mold has spread to the wallpaper, it must be carefully removed and discarded. The wall under them must also be cleaned with a spatula. If the fungus has passed to drywall, it will also have to be thrown away. Then the walls affected by mold need to be treatedantiseptics designed for the treatment of internal surfaces (and not facades). They are sold in hardware stores and cost around a few hundred rubles (the most popular remedy is Senezh). Take the remedy that says it destroys the fungus, not prevents its appearance! After that, the wall needs to be dried very well: with the help of ventilation, heaters, simple ventilation. The better the wall dries, the less likely it is to get mold again. Stepan Bugaev, interior designer - In case,when mold appears on the facade walls, it is necessary to redo the insulation: remove the cladding, clean and treat the wall with antiseptic agents, and even replace the thermal insulation materials. Only then can finishing work be carried out. However, not all materials will work for you. Airtight materials such as vinyl wallpaper must now be strictly avoided. Choose only breathable materials, and select primers and paints with antibacterial properties. Some of the simplest methods of fighting mold:

  • Eliminate all leaks of valves and pipes.

  • Perhaps, it is necessary to change the arrangement of furniture in the apartment: cumbersome objects should not be close to the walls, subject to the risk of infection with the fungus.

  • Flower pots contribute to the development of mold. Most likely they will have to get rid of them.

  • Do not keep dried flowers in the room.

  • Air your home every day. In the cold season it is better to fully open the window or balcony door for a short time.

  • Try not to hang in the room wet clothes.