Ethnic details in the interiors: 13 exotic ideas -


Do not know what to bring from the trip? Bring a pillow and a few beads. Or a blanket, an embroidered panel and a wardrobe. Even in the interior you can attach a dried fan of palm trees and a couple of drums. How to do it, read in our new material

It is not at all necessary to be an avid traveler to gravitate toward the objects of folk art of representatives of exotic culture and to strive to decorate the house with the creations of their hands.

The most democratic and neutral option of using ethnic details in the interior is ornaments.

Do you see the coffee table? It's a drum. In the continuation of the topic was chosen quite an ordinary wicker chair.

For minimalism, folk craft items are better to choose monochrome, so they will be easier to maintain with the help of details more characteristic style.

Eclecticism is the most fertile soil for experiments. And of course, it can be incredibly stylish.

A large shape with bright characteristic details will best look on a light background.

Make ethnicity the title theme of the entire interior is not a bad idea, if it comes to a country house.

Of course, for the implementation of this version, you need to have a certain amount of courage, but the result is amazing.

As you can see, restrictions in the creativeThe approach to the design of personal space is not and can not be. Even if you can not live without pink, you will always find something that will help express this attachment in the most vivid and non-standard way.

Here, an absolutely amazing portrait is supported by a multitude of details brought from another continent, but even in austere minimalism this kind of photo work will also look fascinating.

And here is one way to demonstrate the collection of beads.

The owner of this interior constantly travels, but despite frequent absences, very strictly approaches to a question of a choice of subjects with which it is going to "paint" the life and the life.

Textiles can easily be brought from different parts of the world, however, when choosing a suitable object, you will have to break your head and use the sense of style to its fullest. Restraint and taste are the key to all the treasures of this world.