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In the children's own rules: 5 ideas for equipping the gaming

All parents want to turn the game room into aA magical country. But this child's task is not always easy. We gathered 5 nice ideas how to make the game fun, unusual and safe. Before we start, we must understand that gaming is not just a children's room, it is an area where a child can throw out energy, and the game can develop both physical and creative abilities. When building a game, remember which room you wanted in your childhood and then forget it. Surely your children are very different hobbies. Watch what they like most - cars or pirates, dolls or unicorns, moving games or drawing. So you can give to your children. And we share five interesting examples in our article.

1. In the house

Almost every children's game contains a rule: "I'm in the house." To have a place to hide or just retire, you can put in the children's fashionable tepee. Now they are made to order, so it's easy to choose any material, style and size specifically for your child. Daria Chervinskaya, architect: - A small man also needs his own house. Of course, the children's is their little world for the child. But the wigwam even in this world separates the secret, inaccessible to adults space. Wigwam as an element of decor is an absolutely fabulous fabric on a simple design with small elements (brushes, ruffles). Such a smart accent will not only decorate the interior, but also an element of the game, its own, accessible only to children.

2. With white chalk

The game room is not only forMobile games, but also for creative and intellectual development. So think about a place where you can read, write and draw. Do not forget that all children love, so why should they deny this pleasure. Decorating the wall with a slate is a great idea.

3. Swing

Who does not like to swing on a swing. It is a pity that for this it is necessary to go out into the yard ... Not at all! Home swings and hammocks are a great option for a playroom. They occupy little space, but bring so much joy to children. Our opinion: - The most important principle in the arrangement of the playing space for children is the right combination of security and boring design. But security should be in the first place.

4. Home mountains or jungles

In order for games to contribute to the correct physicalDevelopment of children, many establish sports complexes. You can come up with something more interesting and make a home climbing wall or an exciting jungle. So the child will be curious time after time to find new options for games and open up new opportunities. Daria Chervinskaya, architect: - A climbing wall in the playroom - why not? It's great - to teach the child already from a small age to conquering the peaks, to achieve their goal. Elements of a climbing wall on the wall are harder to decorate and fit into the interior of the room, but you can turn them into bright accents. In my opinion, the children's room can not be ideal: until the end of the dressed and executed in one style, as it is the room of a growing, knowledgeable person, and the more in his room are different in function, in appearance of the interior items, the more interesting the child is Be in your room, build your world.

5. Soft floor

No matter how beautiful and interestingChairs, sofas and swings in the games room, children most like to play on the floor. Take care that they feel warm and comfortable. Carpets, pillows, ottomans, bright-colored chairs-these are the best toys and helpers in preserving children's knees and elbows without scratches and bruises. Our opinion: - In the game room is extremely important to think about. Otherwise there will always be a mess. Containers of different colors and sizes are perfect for children's play, they are light and comfortable, even the child himself can clean his toys in place.