Interior of the children's room: 8 cool ideas


Today we will show you children's rooms on anytaste and age: with supermen and fairy jungle on the walls, in different colors and textures. The most remarkable is that they are all created by Russian designers, which means that everything is as it should be. The first associations that appear at the mention of the children's room are a fabulous room with an abundance of toys and bright colors in the decoration. However, children can be not only beautiful, but also stylish, so below we publish 8 projects that are filled with interesting and unusual ideas. Design Bureau "Berloga" The selection used the work of employees of the architectural bureau "Berloga" - Elena Tambieva and Natalia Vodopyanova. Design Bureau "Berloga" Children's room can beseparate world and contrast with the rest of the apartment. Do not be afraid to use open colors - if they are competently supported with complementary shades, you can create a bright child's space and at the same time avoid the sensation of a doll's house. Design Bureau "Berloga" Design Bureau "Berloga" Equipment for children depends onfrom the age and hobbies of the child. In the preschooler's room, more space should be allocated for games. Turnstiles and ropes are a good addition to the arrangement of these premises. Design Bureau "Berloga" In the nursery is necessaryprovide for three functional areas: sleeping, training and play. The area of ​​each zone varies depending on the age of the child, for example, for the baby, most of the space must be playable, and for the schoolchild, it gradually shrinks, it is replaced by the teaching one. Design Bureau "Berloga" The child's room should reflect his character, be comfortable for the baby - a lover of quiet games is more suitable for a quiet color scheme. Design Bureau "Berloga" Design Bureau "Berloga" Tips from the architectural bureau "Berloga" on the organization of the children's room:

  • when working on children's projects, it is important to provide for the elements of the game, development, education and creativity;
  • It is important to understand the characteristics of the child, hisindividuality, for which you should ask the kid about his preferences - what kind of cartoons he likes, what colors he prefers, what he wants to become, when he grows up. From his answers depends on the plan for the design of the children's room.

Design Bureau "Berloga" Design Bureau "Berloga" If you follow these rules, the project will be successful, and the kid will be proud of his room and with pleasure to restore order in it. Design Bureau "Berloga" Design bureau "Berloga" Children's room - the firstan important space in the life of every person. It forms habits, influences the character and behavior of the baby. Today we looked at a selection of cool children's rooms created by the talented designers of Berlogi. Design Bureau "Berloga"