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Incredibly beautiful New Year decoration of the house -

New Year's decor is not only in red and green shades, but also ... in cream. Do not believe me? We will prove to you

In anticipation of the main holiday of winter, we beginpublish materials on the most vivid examples of New Year's decoration of interiors. Today, we admire the example in cream shades. The canonical red and green tones are not at all a panacea. As you can see, the New Year in cream shades is also festive.

Particular attention is attracted by tulle. This is not winter textiles, as it turned out, may not only be relevant, but even very desirable in festive decoration. The thing is that this material, like no other, looks like a snowstorm.

Soft textiles, light wood, textured surfaces and a few golden shades are all that is needed to create an enveloping atmosphere for a home festival.

What is especially nice - on the New Year's drawing roomthis house will not end. In the bedroom and in the kitchen, the decoration is more reserved, but still light and organic. Notice how festive and at the same time gently look the golden cushions on the windowsill in the bedroom. The article is prepared based on the blog of