New Year's decoration of the table: ideas for a festive serving


Are you lost in guessing how to decorate a festive table? We have prepared for you an extensive collection of ideas and a couple of thoughts about their implementation. Be inspired!

The main New Year action is always unfoldingAt the festive table. The included TV, champagne and a fur-tree in a zone of visibility are far not all attributes of a feast. Each hospitable hostess tries to surprise guests and the domestic level of their culinary skills, but, unfortunately, not everyone thinks about spectacular presentation.

Turn a festive table into a work of art is not difficult. You will need to come up with a good idea, pick up materials, assemble the composition and, in fact, set the table.

This season will be relevant "dreamy" decorWith a spring mood, chrome surfaces in the pastel palette, as well as forest themes with plant elements and figures of horned cloven-hoofed animals.

Good news for those who prefer shortness and minimalism in everything: this year simple forms and contrasting hues are still as relevant as in the past few years.

This option does not require much effort to implement, but the effect will be maximized.

If your table itself is a work of art, you should not hide all the beauty under the tablecloth. Emphasize its texture and shading solution with contrasting ornaments. Related articles

New Year decor can not cost you a single extra penny. Look closely at these banks - sugar, hawthorn, candles and a few spruce branches. Simple, but how great! New Year's feast with an emphasis on natural materials looks fantastic, is realized simply and is inexpensive.

Here everything is quite minimalistic, well thought out in terms of color combinations and complemented by a bright accent in the form of a "tree". Perfect option.

How beautiful to make napkins in the absence of serving rings? Keep a budget decision.

Do you have only a heating candle, a large candlestick and rowan under the window? Consider that the romantic part of the table decor you also have.

Monochrome design will play in a completely new way, if it is supplemented with only one bright detail.

And again inexpensive, simple and very comfortable.

If you decide to use the cones in the decor of different parts of the interior, decorate them according to the environment - using a can of paint, threads, artificial snow and blondes.

Scandinavian minimalism and only two colors, and how much tenderness, peace and simplicity ... If this is your goal, be inspired.

This time you decided to do without a big Christmas tree? Decorate the table with such a crumb.

The theme of the magical winter forest in action.

In the presence of dim scattered ceiling lighting, a lack of light can be filled with a large collection of candles. Articles on the topic Gold will always be relevant.

Decor is nowhere simpler, but how beautiful!

With saturated tones it's difficult to work, but if you add a black and white composition with one such shade, everything falls into place.

Do not find suitable glasses - feel free to use wine glasses for champagne.

Two not passing classics: black color and gold together also look very cool. It is recommended to form such a suspended structure directly on the base of the ceiling light fixture. If it is low enough, of course.