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Half-measures are not used: the four-story house of Jean-Claude Van Damme in California


October 18 sex symbol of the 90's Jean-Claude Van DammeTurns 54 years old. Although his acting success remained in the past, in the financial sphere Jean-Claude is still on horseback. In the year before last, he bought a new four-story mansion. We will show it to you Today, the renowned master of martial arts, actor and heartthrob Jean-Claude Van Damme rarely appears on the screen. Now he performs in quite different roles: a writer, a producer, a businessman. Apparently, such a change of occupation had a positive effect on the financial condition of the star. So, for example, the year before last, he not only purchased a luxurious four-story house on the beach, but, without hesitation, overpaid for it 150 thousand dollars in excess of the asking price to get rid of competitors. As a result, the transaction was closed on an amount of six million dollars. The presence of eight bathrooms and a specialThe spa area, located directly on the roof of the house, could not leave Jean-Claude Van Damme, who was obsessed with cleanliness and personal hygiene, indifferent. In addition, the mansion also has a spacious living room, combined with a kitchen, a dining area, six bedrooms, a cinema, a billiard room, a gym, a bar and a wine storage room. Despite the mild California climate, the houseEquipped with eight fireplaces. In addition, on the roof of the building there is a special place for the campfire. It is in the middle of a small garden, just near an artificial waterfall. Another reason why Jean-Claude withoutRegret paid for a mansion of six million, is the filling of the house. Modern furniture, striking technical equipment and stylish decor conquered the heart of the star and made him forget about thrift.

The rules of an ideal interior according to Jean-Claude Van Damme:

  • The main rules of the interior are comfort and coziness. Create them will help you traditional attributes: a fireplace, carpets, comfortable upholstered furniture and modern wonders of technical progress - a universal control panel, a steam cabin in the bathroom, a multi-level lighting.
  • Saving on the bathroom interior -Common philistine error. It is in the bathroom that you get a charge of vivacity and energy for the whole day, so the aesthetic and functional design of this room should be a top priority.
  • Registration of outdoor living space no less thanIt is more important than interior design. If you are a happy owner of a terrace, veranda, patio or at least a balcony, try to make them no less comfortable than the rooms. In this case you will get a full extra space for a pleasant pastime.