Where to store what you need to hide -


Why buy an armchair to hide the inhaler, what Ostap-Suleiman-Bertha-Maria-Bender-bey could not have dreamed of and what is now hidden behind the pictures-you will learn from our new material

Not every personal thing can become a full-fledged part of the interior, some gizmos cannot be put on public display at all. Pull-out sink

Let's start with the unobvious, but welcome for many, opportunity to "slide" the sink. In small bathrooms such a mechanism is not only desirable, but sometimes absolutely necessary. The hidden niche in the bathroom wall

Far from always we are ready to put on the publicPersonal hygiene items or even chemical agents. The option of closed storage systems in the bathroom or toilet is desirable to provide in advance, during the repair. Picture

The classic version of the safe behind the picture with a rotary mechanism will always be relevant. Even if instead of safe you have a shelf with a router and charging for the phone. Book

We will not teach you to hide money in books. However, you may well create a place of permanent "residence" for numerous DUs that are constantly lost. Editorial opinion:

- By the way, you do not have to disable books for this, buy a box in the form of a book, it will not catch your eye and cause questions, even if someone from the household puts it on a sofa or on an armchair. Chair / chair

The folding seat is a genius invention that is probably many hundreds of years old. Editorial opinion:

- How to use the hiding place - your personal business, most importantly, take care that the piece of furniture with a secret is always in its place and does not travel through the rooms. Cushioned furniture

Why do you need a coffee table, if a book, cell phone, diary, tablet or inhaler, or even all together, can be stuck directly into a chair? Double bottom

And again a classic, which is early to be forgotten. Arrange a hiding place with sweets, a collection of checks from shops, commemorative coins, new batteries, or gifts for a quick celebration, right in the kitchen, in a box with pans. There's definitely no one will look. Box "two in one"

Not to be confused with the previous option. Here everything is different. You open a huge box with bread, and there is also wine. It's great! Niche in the closet

Let's say there is not room in your hallway, even forExtra hook. All attempts to get the shelf for the keys ended with her epic fall and a tattered sleeve on her favorite coat. Strangely enough, there is a way out. Surely another public area borders on the hallway in your apartment. Kitchen for example. If so, consider the matter resolved. Invite the cabinet maker, let him attach an additional tiny niche from the end of one of the kitchen cabinets. TV

We often offer options for how toYou can hide the TV itself. However, if this box with talking heads does not interfere with anything, at some point you will probably want to bring to the fact of its existence at least a drop of meaning. The solution is - hide the niche behind it, with a DVD player for example.