How to update the bedroom with your own hands without repair: tips and expert opinions

The bedroom is a special space. It is important to create a harmonious atmosphere here. But can this be done without recourse to global repair?

Color and Textile

Depending on the season, you can constantlyUpdate the space without even repainting the walls. For example, using textiles and decorative pillows. Change the curtains on the windows, bedspread, floor covering - and you will immediately notice how your mood changes. In summer, you can let cheerful colors withPlant motives. For the bedroom, choose colors that are not too saturated with shades. Best fit zephyr shades: mint, gentle blue, pink, vanilla: they are very airy and tender. "Opinion


Various light scenarios are also capable ofRefresh the bedroom interior. Buy a chandelier, floor lamp and sconces, made in one style. You can diversify the atmosphere with the help of colored stained glass lampshades. Remember: light affects your mood and well-being. Experts recommend to use in the bedroom ceiling instruments, the light flux of which is directed upwards.

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If you own an apartment with high ceilingsOr you can hang the chandelier low, but so that it does not bother anyone at all, then safely choose large lamps. Large objects even in a small room change its scale and visual perception. Also pay attention to non-standard, original lamps: they will precisely allow to transform a bedroom. And, perhaps, inspired by the design of the lighting device, you take his style for the decoration of the entire interior.


Changes in the interior of the bedroom can be made withUsing mirrors. Especially it is recommended in small rooms, as mirror surfaces create the illusion of greater space. In addition, they bring more light and solemnity into the room. Very effectively looks mirror head. Opinion of the editorial office Any bedroom can be madeFeminine and gentle, putting her dressing table with a mirror. In the bedroom it will be a good idea to place a full-length mirror on the wall or buy a comfortable model of the psyche (floor mirror), which you can move and place where you need it.

Wall decoration

With the help of paintings, posters, photos you canUpdate the bedroom when you want. Choose calm images in soft colors. It can be sunrise, sea surface, green forest or romantic motifs. The color of the foliage calms, and the image of the sun fills the space with energy. Expert tips: Designer Daria Nazarenko If you have painted walls or wallpaper for painting, then try to discover your artistic abilities and, using a stencil and paints, add raisins to your interior. You can choose one large picture and decorate with it a piece of some wall, making a semblance of a stylized mural. Such a decorative element will look good opposite the bed (for example, above the chest of drawers) instead of the usual mirror or picture. With the help of a small repeating ornament, you can emphasize the perimeter of the room, make a "frame" for the same TV or put a pattern on the furniture. Decorating the interior with a stencil is a very creative and multifaceted process, it contains many possibilities. Dare and experiment!


If you want a change in your bedroom,Get other furniture. Buy a wardrobe (by the way, the option with mirrors will be quite appropriate). Update the puffs, bed. You can replace only the headboard. And if it is not, then create the illusion of his presence with wallpaper or vinyl stickers.


Flowers always bring a zest to the interior, animatingspace. If you have a large room, you will get a ficus or a palm tree. Do not forget that they will feel the best at the window. In a small bedroom it is appropriate to place an aspidist and a sansevier. These are unpretentious plants, and they will easily take root in darkened rooms. And on the windowsill you can place cacti, cyclamen, violets.