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The kitchen of the famous Mobalpa factory appeared in the Northern capital


You can talk about the love of Petersburgers for Franceendlessly. This also applies to amazing food and, of course, interiors. To prove this, FlamandRose has been enriched with discreet yet inspiring work from Mobalpa The French Mobalpa factory was founded 108 years ago by Eugene Fournier in the heart of the French Alps, in the picturesque Rhône-Alpes region, next to the Rhone River. They create their world-famous cuisines to this day. True, not only where there was once a small family factory, but also in two other factories located in France. It should be noted that the production of Mobalpa always reigns fantastic cleanliness and order, since the production is located on the territory of an environmental complex - practically a reserve. You can now get acquainted with what the famous Mobalpa factory creates not only in the Alps, but also in the FlamandRose studio on Malaya Posadskaya, 7/4 in St. Petersburg. It is there that the only kitchen, enelaqueblanc.Delia, has appeared so far - but what a! It is sustained in the spirit of French classics. The facades of the wardrobes are decorated with panels (wooden frames) and showcases with square glasses. The kitchen is made of oak. You can choose the color of the cabinets yourself - they are presented in several shades, as well as in white called Chenelaqueblanc. With Mobalpa, we have been working for more than a year. True French style has always been in demand by our customers who appreciate a special home atmosphere, follow the fashion trends and are gourmet design. Kitchen Delia for these few days has collected a lot of the most enthusiastic reviews from our guests.

Jeanne Broydo, the owner of the studio and restaurant Olga Grigorieva, specialist of the FlamandRose studioon working with projects: - The Delia model for designers is a real find! Creating your own kitchen is a creative and fun process. Many solutions are born with the help of a large number of decorative elements and a convenient design system. Artur Guchigov, official representative of the Mobalpa factory in the Russian Federation and the CIS: - St. Petersburg is really one of the best places where they can appreciate the French style and the quality of European design. Introducing Mobalpa to designers, I saw how important it is for them that the factory has a century of history and established traditions, and at the same time remains one of the most advanced in the kitchen industry. I want to say that apart from stylistic issues, designers were interested in information about our research laboratory, where furniture is tested for aging and fading rates and a series of crash tests. Ksenia Bandorina, design expert: - Kitchen design reflects all innovations, both technology and design, most vividly. In the Mobalpa collections, you can always trace the adherence to nature (nature made), traditions (humane made) and the attraction of innovative technologies (techno made). In honor of the appearance of the famous Mobalpa kitchens, the FlamandRose studio held a lecture and a master class by the St. Petersburg design expert Ksenia Bandorina - she spoke about modern French interior fashion. The evening ended with a gastronomic set from the studio's own restaurant. Petersburg designers and decorators came to listen to Ksenia and evaluate the new items with their own eyes.