Apartments up to 45 sq.m.

A small apartment of gray-pink color on 33 square meters

How to get light, light and functionalSpace, if its area is only 33 square meters. M? Reasonable zoning and the right color scheme are the best helpers in this situation. This is proved to us by a small apartment from Stockholm. This laconic interior from Sweden is made in a gray-pink color scheme. It looks pretty interesting and sensual. It is noticeable that the romantic atmosphere reigns here. Who can live in such an interior?

The bedroom where the tenderness has settled

Apparently, there lives a loverGirl-student. Her feelings and mood are reflected in the interior. She expressed their pink color, which stands out against the background of white walls and ceiling. In combination with a light gray scale, these shades helped to expand the boundaries and make the space visually more spacious. Airiness and romance were added by transparent curtains and tulle. In addition, the narrow window began to look wider. The bedroom area is completed by a small floor lamp with a pink shade. The head of the bed in black color attracts attention and acts as the central object of the bedroom. Also it supports the style of the room and echoes with the black elements in the interior. Our opinion: - With the help of curtains and textiles, you can easily and quickly change the interior. This method is especially advantageous when the base color in the interior is white. This option is also great for those who rent accommodation.

Gray Living Room

Gray color is not as simple asIt seems. Therefore, it should be combined with other shades with caution. In this case, for the living room area, a classic solution was used - white and gray, diluted with black accents. So, the white color of the table refreshed the dullness of the gray sofa, and the gray floor served as a link between them. Dynamics in this zone is set by a picture with bright accents, located at the center of the wall. In this way, the living room area is also highlighted. Here the owner of the premises can easily concentrate, study notes or relax with friends. A large lamp on a black cord performs not only a functional load, but also a decorative one. It supports vintage space stylistics. Our opinion: - It is recommended to dilute the gray color not with a snow-white color, but with a dirty white color or with an easy presence of yellowness. So the gray color will play in a new way.

Fireplace in the dining room

The dining area is practically not allocated, hereThe main focus is on the corner fireplace. He became a highlight of the room, besides, he gives warmth to the owner of the apartment. This is a place for pleasant gatherings. The playful mood of the girl is read in pink accessories placed on the table, which gives tenderness and softness to the interior and unites this zone with the entire space of the apartment.

A little more about pink

Pink in the form of a rug on the floorA neutral kitchen is maintained. The combination of pink and gray colors looks very noble and calm. Pink color is considered to be one of the most delicate shades that romantic people like. It is actively used in the design of interiors as a placement of sensual accents. This mood is noticeable in the example of this small apartment. Pink color is obtained by mixing white and red and has many different shades. From the point of view of psychology, this color evokes pleasant sensations of comfort, tenderness, love and kindness. It's hard not to agree with this, looking at the interior. The landlady is passionate about art. We can draw such a conclusion from the paintings and the mirror in the golden frame (in the bathroom). Most likely, her lover is an artist. It is possible that one of the pictures depicts our heroine. Our opinion: - To make the interior look holistic, try to combine space with color. To achieve the effect of a distinct image in the interior, the colors should alternate among themselves. Items of the same color should not be near. Please note that next to a saturated gray, soft pink will not look.