The apartments are 45-90 sq.m.

Project of the week: neoclassicism and shebbie chic in the Northern capital


Living room without sofa, classic chandelier,adjacent to the work of Phillip Starck, hand-painted, St. Petersburg outside the window ... This project really has something to see. We chose this St. Petersburg apartment as the project of the week not only for its layout and beauty, but also for a very successful combination of neoclassicism and shabby chic style. Natalia Yanson, interior designer and decorator: “I am convinced that design can and should be exceptional, created for a specific person, or a family with its unique vision of beauty and comfort. My client knows that his personality, image will be reflected in every detail of the interior, and these details will be the most relevant. In many ways, my projects are based on careful selection of colors, fashionable artifacts, decorative techniques. At the same time, I believe that good design is always a little above fashion, or, as they say in Europe, “timeless” is timeless. I understand how important the feeling of home is, how important it is that it has no boundaries. And I give this priceless feeling. "

Dreams of customers

The customer of this project is a mother raising10 year old daughter. The hostess works a lot and often goes on business trips, therefore, from the new interior, she first of all expected an atmosphere of lightness and light, disposed not only to bodily, but also to mental rest. The work of the customer has nothing to do with creativity, that's why at home she wanted to see a living flight of fantasy. Another requirement is a spacious and well-organized dressing room. A lot of business suits and the need to quickly, sometimes in a couple of hours, get ready for business trips require special attention. The lack of a traditional sofa area in the living room is due to a separate request from the hostess. The family practically does not watch TV, friends are met outside the house, besides, bulky interior items in a small space, according to mom, are completely inappropriate. An exception was made for the children's room, where the young hostess expressed a desire to have a large wardrobe for things related to her many hobbies and hobbies.

Color and light solution

The authors chose the palette in accordance with the aspirationsthe customer. Petersburg is famous for its gloomy weather and dozens of shades of gray, so the hostess wanted to see warm, sunny shades at home. The authors of the project chose gold, white and pink, and for contrast - gray and blue-gray. Ceiling lamps in a classic style have been chosen for the children's room and living area. For the dining area, the customer wanted something laconic, light, and at the same time not competing in style with the chandelier in the living room. Therefore, the authors had to choose a suitable model for a long time, which as a result was found in one of the collections of Phillip Stark. In the nursery, in addition to the main ceiling lighting, there is also a table lamp, a floor lamp and a decorative lamp from Karman Marnin.

Furniture and textiles

The bulk of the furniture will be brought forborders. Textile design is deliberately chosen as simple as possible - according to the author of the project, complex textiles only heavier the interior, even if the style itself suggests more creative solutions.


Features of decoration, some decor elements,The lamps and chairs in the dining area unequivocally point to the neoclassical style that the authors inspired. However, in this project there are several details and in the style of the shebbie chic - this is both the wallpaper in the nursery, and the aged brick, and the floor with the effect of "patina". Natalia Yanson, interior designer and decorator:At the moment, in the process of implementation, two tests await us: the first is the application of painting in the children's room and the sleeping area. The problem is that the texture of the wallpaper on which the murals are conceived can very unexpectedly affect the quality of the drawing. We, of course, would prefer fabric wallpaper, but it is completely impossible to apply painting on them. The second difficulty is the hostess's sleeping area with a podium bed, which should have a comfortable base and a reliable frame for the headboard mirror.