Kitchen apron: popular materials and design solutions

Kitchen apron is the most important element of the kitchen decor. He is responsible not only for beauty. It should be practical, resistant to temperature changes. What material should I choose for facing? This was told by the designer Irina Krivtsova. Every housewife knows that without a kitchen apron - just nowhere. The only question is that not everyone knows exactly how it should be. Some are immediately bought for the beauty of this or that material, not thinking about its properties, while others take a certain material by ignorance. In order that you do not get trapped, and your kitchen always looks perfect, we decided to ask for help from the designer Irina Krivtsova, who told us exactly what kind of lining the kitchen should be. Irina Krivtsova Irina is our constant expert and often answers the questions of our readers. You can see its publications.

The simplest solution: plastic panels

The most budgetary and simple material are MFDand plastic panels, matched to the color of the main furniture. I will not talk about cheap analogs, but here the panels from quality manufacturers always look dignified and add the kitchen set completeness. For example, panels that simulate the vertical layout of the boards. These are often used in the design of the kitchen in a classic style. You can also use plastic that mimics the metal panel. It is desirable without seams - a single panel in the entire width of the desktop. This will be a completely modern and practical solution. The option with panels can be used in a modern and minimalistic interior.

Actual and universal: artificial stone

Always actual use for kitchenapron of the same material that is used in the coating of the countertop. For example, an artificial stone. The color range of this material is quite large. Such a surface is mounted at the very last moment, when the kitchen furniture is already assembled (as for the exact dimensions of the table and walls are required for the apron), which is very convenient. As for the operation, the artificial stone is easy to clean and resistant to wear. By the way, if desired, this material can be given any shape, for example, rounded apron over the hob.

Effectively and unusually: glass

For the apron you can use even glass -transparent or with a pattern printed on it. In the second variant, a special glass is used, on the reverse side of which is a drawing. It is made in such a way that the pattern will always be clear and will not deteriorate under any circumstances. There are many varieties of this material: matte, colored, transparent. Under transparent, by the way, you can fix your favorite family photos or colorful wallpaper from the collection you adore. It all depends on the style of the interior and on what task it is - to highlight this place or vice versa, to make it as neutral as possible. However, it should be remembered that on the glass will be visible divorce, you will have to carefully monitor the purity of such an apron.

Tribute to tradition: mosaic and tile

Facing the kitchen with tiles - the traditional optiondesign of an apron. Of course, its popularity is understandable. It is practical and durable, heat-resistant, but all this requires time-consuming installation. If this fact does not frighten you, then you can stop your choice on an interesting solution - photo printing on the tile. This will become a certain highlight of your interior. In addition, you can use a mosaic: glass, stone or a combination of these materials. That's where there is room for inspiration! A huge number of colors and textures, including metal and mirror mosaic, for any style in the interior. The only thing that is worth remembering is leaving. It is necessary to pay special attention to the joints between the tiles, they have to be washed more thoroughly than the rest of the surface.

Fashion trend: brick and concrete

Concrete has been a very fashionable material lately. Why not use it for an apron in a modern kitchen interior? You can create an imitation of concrete using decorative plaster, or leave the concrete wall, after having cleaned it. In this case, it is necessary to protect the apron from dirt and water, covered with a special varnish. If properly protected, you can also leave the brickwork on the wall. And you can use a decorative stone for a brick, it will look more solid and even.

For hi-tech lovers: metal apron

Metal is good for kitchens in modern and high-techstyles, although with skillful use, he can play a winning game in the classical direction. This material is strong, heat-resistant, practical, reliable and unpretentious in operation. It can be safely combined with glass and wood., part of the photo is provided by Irina Krivtsova