LED ceiling lighting: features

More recently, on the ceilings of the majoritycitizens were flaunted chandeliers, and a variety of shapes and colors. But gradually this light source recedes into the background, giving way to modern decorative lighting. The basis for him was the latest developments in the field of finishing materials. For example, suspended ceilings are very common today. LED ceiling lighting is one of the proposed design concepts. LED Ceiling LightLED backlighting will be a great elementdecor for the room. With the use of tape, you will not only transform the room, but also decorate it. It is designed for a long service life. When used correctly, the LED strip will not need to be replaced for 10 years. What does an LED strip look like? These are flat strips made of flexible material. Diodes are attached to the entire surface of the tracks.

Positive qualities and features of the LED strip

Comparison of LED light bulbs with other lighting elements.

  • Long service life (approximately 50,000 hours).
  • Easy to install.
  • Acceptable price.
  • A wide color palette (allows to select an individual shade of illumination under the interior).
  • Absorbs a small amount of electricity during operation.
  • High strength of the product.
  • Do not heat up. If you decide to make a stretch ceiling at home, then the LED strip is what you need. During operation, the diodes do not produce heat, which is the main condition for this type of ceiling coating.
  • The ability to control the level of color and brightness with a special device - the controller.
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    How to choose the right LED strip for a stretch ceiling?

    Types of LED ribbons. Before you buy an LED strip for suspended ceilings, you need to decide which one is right for your room. They are divided into the following types:

    • waterproof;
    • not having protection from moisture.

    The first tape should have a note about the protection class. The best option is IP44. If there is a mark with a lower value, then it is not waterproof. The next moment - all the tapes differ in the type of LEDs. Ribbons having diodes of the following type are very common:

    • SMD 5050;
    • SMD 3528.

    To indicate the type of diode, digits are used, andhow they were installed on the tape, indicated by the letters. If you compare the above two types of diodes, you should know that the number 5050 has more power and costs several times more expensive than the diodes 3528. The next parameter that should be given special attention is the color palette. Tapes come in almost all shades: from white to red. There are also multicolor ribbons. They are labeled RGB. And, finally, the frequency of the arrangement of diodes on the tape. The most common tapes have a density: Table of power consumption of LED strips.

    • 30 units. per meter;
    • 60 units. per meter;
    • 120 units. per meter.

    The more diodes are located on the system, theThe brightness level will be stronger. After you have familiarized yourself with the parameters, you can decide and make a choice. To begin with, decide how much you are willing to spend on buying a structure. For those who do not have large finances, the system with the SMD3528 marking is ideal. It does not have moisture protection, but the diodes are arranged according to the scheme: 60 units. per meter. If you want to buy a multicolored model such as RGB, please note that without buying a controller you can not do. Those who are not shy in finance, the choice is obvious - with the marking SMD5050. The density can be adjusted to 30 units. per meter. You can buy SMD3528, but with a high density of 120 units. per meter. For premises where it is planned to make a contour highlighting, do not buy products with a density exceeding 120 units. per meter. Each model should be selected with regard to the ceiling type: conventional or stretch ceiling. For premises of the household plan, for example, multi-storey houses, one should choose a waterproof construction. Since there is always the possibility that a flood may occur. Do not choose a cheap type. Probably, in the beginning it will work properly, but eventually, the diodes will start to burn out, which will affect the lighting. Back to contents</a>

    How is the suspended ceiling lighting LED strip

    The scheme of placing the LED tape on the ceiling. If you decide to make decorative lighting, then this design will not go unnoticed. The process of mounting the tape on the suspended ceiling will not cause much trouble. It is quite simple. The most important thing is to make the right measurements before cutting the tape. The LED strip used to illuminate the ceiling is sold in coils with a total volume of 5 meters, but there are also large sizes. Find them will be more difficult. It is rare to use all 5 meters at a time, so the tape should be divided into parts. Places of the proposed section should be noted in advance. In order for the ribbon to be perfectly fixed, it is necessary to make the cornice. For this, drywall is used. Before you start fixing the tape, the surface is cleaned of dust and other contaminants. If necessary, whitewash at the location of the diode tape is also washed off. After that, the protective film is removed from the cut piece, and the tape is pressed against the surface by the adhesive side. Back to contents</a>

    How to connect the LED strip to a power source?

    You will need to prepare the power supply if it was not bundled with the tape. The scheme of connecting the LED tape. Sometimes tapes are sold without a light cord. It can be purchased separately and connected to the power supply unit by connecting it to the N and L contacts. Then the controller is connected to the unit. It is used for multi-colored ribbon type RGB. When connecting, make sure the polarity is respected. You can highlight the stretch ceiling in a separate part. Some prefer to carry out lighting around the perimeter. There are several types of LED tape mounting. Each of them can be done independently, without involving professionals. The most important thing that needs to be done when using this kind of lighting is to hide it skillfully. This is to ensure that the non-aesthetic stripes do not spoil the design. The first and most common type of installation - with the manufacture of plasterboard boxes. Highlighting the ceiling in this way requires the following conditions. The box is equipped with a niche in which the illumination is placed. With the help of a niche you can hide such elements as:

    • Power Supply;
    • Control block;
    • the tape itself.

    Around the perimeter of the room is installed a boxof drywall not more than 20 cm high. The width is about half a meter. After the backlight is placed in a prepared niche, it is connected to the mains. If the first box is made in such a way that the niche is outside, then the second option is a hidden niche. It is suitable for a mirror stretch ceiling. Otherwise, you can get an ugly reflection of the entire niche on the surface. You also perform a box of plasterboard and arrange according to the design. But the niche will be inside the box. It is a little more difficult to manufacture, but it allows you to evenly distribute the backlight. And, finally, lighting without the use of a plasterboard box. This method allows you to create a complete lighting of the canvas. The LED strip is located between the overlap and the film. But this kind of lighting has one significant drawback. When most of the diodes are burnt out, the replacement of the tape is possible only with a complete analysis of the ceiling design. In order to create such a backlight, the LEDs should be located in the corners of the walls. To illuminate the ceiling in this way, you do not need to have the building skills of a professional. The use of LED strip light is a modern solution for stylish design. At first you might think that this is too expensive, but there are different options for highlighting. If it is properly operated, it will not only pay for itself, but will also serve a long period.