Illumination of glass shelves by one's own hands: the order of work


Glass as a material for use inrepair of apartments has long been widespread. It can be combined designs or individual interior solutions from glass. What can be done from such a seemingly fragile material? It is used in the design of interior doors and partitions, the manufacture of lamps, shelves on the wall and for the cabinet and so on. Such constructions look very refined and beautiful, but one more important factor is their functionality. For example, shelves made of glass, participate in the design of the interior and at the same time are not inferior in their functionality to other materials. Glass shelves with illuminationGlass shelves will give the room lightness andweightlessness as opposed to ordinary wooden ones. Basically, glass can be used indoors for any purpose, which is important. Therefore, we will discuss glass shelves. More precisely, how to properly make them, hang and highlight. LED illumination of glass shelves with their own hands is available to everyone.

Work on cutting glass and its further processing

If you decide that in your interior will bethere are shelves made of glass, it's time to think about how to properly make them. There are two possible solutions. This is custom-made in a special company or an independent work. Do you want to save money or just learn how to work with glass material? Then the following information will be useful to you. You will need:

  • good quality glass cutter;
  • a belt type grinder, the grain size of the skin used for the work should correspond to a value of 120 units;
  • ruler.

LED backlight can last up to100,000 hours of continuous operation. In order for work to be fun, you will need, as already noted above, a ruler and strong hands. It's not about strength, but about confidence. For the convenience of cutting glass, it is best to purchase an oil glass cutter. And if you're going to cut glass for the first time, it's better to practice a little. Please note that experts do not advise making a second incision of the glass, because in this way you will scratch the glass. It is enough once, after which it must be broken according to the planned line. So, in addition to cutting, an important factor is the processing of glass slices. This is a necessary condition, since during operation and operation it is very easy to cut yourself on its sharp edge. In addition to safety, the treatment will give an aesthetic appearance to the glass product. As already mentioned above, for these purposes a belt type grinder is usually used. But if you do not, then you can perform this procedure manually. Just get ready, that it will take quite a lot of time. When grinding glass, the surface to be treated should be wetted with water. As a result of these actions, you prevent the spread of dust from the glass in the atmosphere of the room. This is necessary, since such dust is very harmful to human health. Be sure to use personal protective equipment such as a respirator. And the use of water in grinding allows you to ultimately obtain a transparent surface of the edge. If grinding will be done without water, the edge will remain matte. Back to contents</a>

Glass shelf fixing

Aluminum profile must match exactlythickness of the shelf, then it will be almost invisible. To ensure that your glass shelf is located on the wall reliably and beautifully, you can use one of two options. The first involves the use of special holders, the second is based on the use of an aluminum profile. You can give preference to this or that method only on the basis of your own wishes, since the only difference is how the glass will be installed. The use of holders is a universal option. They are suitable for glass of any size (thickness). But the aluminum profile, this quality is not inherent, since it has a specific purpose. The advantage of using the profile is considered the possibility of equipping such a shelf with an LED backlight, which is refilled in it and emits light as if from inside the structure. But about this a little later. Shelf holders have a fairly simple method of installation. Its design has two parts: the base, which will be mounted on the wall, and the upper part, which is of a decorative nature. In the process of their separation, and the base is fixed on the wall. To do this, use the level and dowels that normally come with the holder. The minimum number of holders per shelf is 2 pcs. But depending on the size of your regiment, their number may increase. Back to contents</a>

LED illumination of glass shelves: a device with your own hands

If the shelves are many, then for each of them you canmake a highlight of a different color. As it became clear from the information given above, in order to make shelves with illumination, an aluminum profile is needed for fixing. The procedure for manufacturing LED lighting. To begin with, you need to go to the store and buy the profile sounded above. The main thing is that it corresponds to the thickness of the glass from which you make the shelf. Next, you trim it to the desired size. Do not forget that all the burrs that appear during the trimming process must be carefully removed. Now you need to perform a quality fixation of the profile on the wall. For this purpose, holes are made in the profile, intended for fastening. Mount the profile on the wall surface with self-tapping screws and special plastic plugs. It is important to do the marking and fixing the shelf on the wall, do not forget about the application of the building level. The next stage involves carrying out installation work with a diode band. Almost in any profile there is an insert made of plastic. Remember that you do not need to delete it. Such a device will protect the tape from possible contact with the aluminum surface. This will save you from possible short circuits. Prepare to ensure that the installation of LED glass shelf lighting made with LED tape will be time consuming, since its filling inside the profile is a lot of inconvenience, especially if there is no easy access to its end ends. With open ends, inserting the tape is not very difficult, since the existing slot is designed specifically for these purposes. In another situation, various tools can be used to place the ribbon inside the profile. One of the options for placing the ribbon inside the profile implies its bend by the type of "house". Just do not forget that you will then have to use the ruler for alignment. The ruler can be made of wood or plastic. At the last stage, the glass shelf with the illumination already inside the profile requires the installation of glass. The process is simple, but you need some kind of effort. Since for reliability the location of the glass in the profile is dense. If you can not manage with your own hands, then you can use a wooden board and a rubber hammer. Now you are convinced that making glass shelves with LED backlighting is quite easy and fast. But if you have come to the conclusion that this is a very difficult task for you, then the most appropriate is to contact the workshop.