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Luxury mansion Sting in London: a view from inside


Do you want to become a neighbor of the Queen of England? Sting put up for sale his luxurious mansion of the XVII century, which is only 800 meters from Buckingham Palace. Details - in our post In the summer of this year, the legendary British musician and actor Sting, who on October 2, is neither more nor less than 63 years old, made a real sensation in the UK real estate market by selling his luxurious townhouse in the historic center of London. This building of the XVII century boasts not only an exceptionally remarkable location (in the neighborhood there are St. James Park and Buckingham Palace), but also an extraordinary interior decoration. This is confirmed by the fact that even literally a few years ago the most prestigious glossy interior magazines struggled desperately for the opportunity to publish photos of the interior of the Sting house. Entering the ownership of the historic building,Adjacent to the residence of Elizabeth II herself, Sting spent a lot of time, money and efforts to create an interior worthy of kings. Marble floors, a variety of finishes from valuable species of trees, luxurious furniture upholstery using velvet and leather - all these attributes of luxury are able to satisfy the needs of the richest and titled individuals. Choosing an interior style, Sting, like manyCreative people, preferred art deco. The main role in the design of the mansion is played by an original mix of elegant pieces of furniture, a collection of paintings worthy of the exhibition hall in the museum, and bold, sometimes daring color combinations. Despite the expressive nature of the interior,The atmosphere in the mansion is filled with a feeling of comfort and home comfort. Such cozy and touching details as a traditional firewood fireplace, an elegant spiral staircase and a breathtaking view of the garden smooth out an artsy, partly even screaming design.

How to create an interior worthy of kings:

  • If your goal is a luxurious, spectacular interior,Showing a subtle taste and a developed sense of its beautiful inhabitants, - boldly choose the style of art deco. This style is not afraid of color and texture experiments involving expensive and obscenely expensive items and materials. It will allow you to discover and realize in your design your creativity and desire for a beautiful life.
  • From luxury to vulgarity - one step. In order not to cross the line and stay in the stylistic framework, do not forget about the intellectual design of the interior. Pictures, sculptures, objects of decorative art - that's what makes art deco a unique style for the elite.