The apartments are 45-90 sq.m.

Design of a two-room apartment in Scandinavian style with elements of a loft


High ceilings, pillars and large windows -interior designer Stepan Bugaev emphasized the layout features of this Moscow kopeck piece with light colors and loft elements, which are organically combined with the general Scandinavian mood of the interior. ... The owners, a young couple who devote a lot of time to work and prefer family vacations, turned to the interior designer Stepan Bugaev with a request to decorate the apartment in a Scandinavian style using natural materials and a light palette. Stepan Bugaev, interior designer Graduated from Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology with a master's degree in physics and the State University Higher School of Economics with a master's degree in business informatics. He has his own design studio, under his leadership, more than 500 design projects have been implemented. Ranked in the top 100 of the best designers, according to the leading interior design publication AD. She is a teacher at the School of Design at the National Research University Higher School of Economics, teaches the author's course “Interior Design. Rules for creating a successful project ”. She gives open lectures on interior design and writes articles for leading interior magazines and portals. Layout The designers had to work with a non-standard original layout: the apartment had horizontal beams, 3.4 m high ceilings and huge windows. It was decided not to hide all these elements, but on the contrary - to emphasize: for this, concrete columns and beams were supported with smooth plaster, and the gray-white range was diluted with graphic dark accents. Functionally, the apartment was divided into two zones: a public one, consisting of a living room combined with a kitchen and a dining room, and a private one, which includes a bedroom and a bathroom. Stepan Bugaev, interior designer:- It was decided to give the main area of ​​the apartment for a common space, since this is where the owners spend most of their time. I set aside the minimum area for the bedroom, since it is not the main room in the apartment. Corridor 9.2 sq. m is mostly used for storage: along two walls there are spacious wardrobes, and near the entrance there is a large mirror in a dark frame and an ottoman. The cabinet fronts are divided into two parts and have different textures: one repeats the design of the interior doors and is made in white with panels, the second serves as a support for the kitchen facade - a smooth wood finish without handles has been chosen for it. In the interior of the hallway, light shades predominate: The walls are made in white, and the floor is paved with gray tiles, stylized as a stone. The main emphasis is on the luminaire of the original form: one is made of flax, the other is ceramic. Public area In the apartment, the kitchen iscentral position. It is made in a minimalistic finish: hidden handles, smooth fronts, chrome details. The beamed concrete ceiling is the main feature of this area. Complementing it are loft elements: exposed wiring and a deliberately exposed exhaust pipe that maintains the overall style. Light bulbs on long cords are responsible for the illumination of the public area. Stepan Bugaev, interior designer: - In the kitchen, I used an interesting technique - combined wood and plastic. This combination allows the facades look modern, and the kitchen - to be a harmonious continuation of the living area. The central element of the dininglamp. It is represented by flat round shapes of different colors and heights, which create a voluminous composition and simultaneously act as a zoning tool. The dining area itself is a combination of different materials. The textiles of the chairs resonate with the decoration of the table legs, and the lamp combines all the colors involved in the dining group. Living room area occupies a small spaceAn area of ​​12 square meters. M and is presented by a sofa, sustained in a dark gray scale, and a system of shelves for a TV. The sofa is located so as to visually separate the living room from the kitchen. The composition of the shelves in the TV zone introduces a variety in the interior: chaotically located on the wall, they combine open and closed elements. Bedroom Complete bedroom, but as accentsmoldings protrude on the wall, creating a beautiful relief, and black elements of the ceiling lamp. The owners spend the least time here, so the bedroom has only one function - it serves as a place to sleep and rest. Bathroom The bathroom is also decorated inwhite, but it is heterogeneous: if it is just a white background on the walls, then the texture of marble is added to the floor. The central objects in the interior of the bathroom are the cabinet under the sink, in the decoration of which wood of different colors is combined, and the mirror that echoes with it. Stepan Bugaev, interior designer: - The project was very bright and pleasant, with precisely arranged accents. I managed to create a spacious and bright space in Scandinavian style, embodying simplicity and comfort. All the requirements of the customers were taken into account, and the owners of the apartment were satisfied with the result. In this interior were used: Corridor:

  • Cabinet furniture - Stradivari (Italy);
  • Pouf - Gan-Rugs (Spain);
  • Doors - Union (Russia).

Public area:

  • Kitchen set - Scavolini (Italy);
  • A dining group - Calligaris (Italy), Muuto (Denmark);
  • Light - Vibia (Spain), Muuto (Denmark);
  • Shelf systems - Lago (Italy);
  • Tiles - Equip Ceramicas (Spain);
  • Decorative plaster - Baldini (Italy);
  • Flooring - Finex (Russia).


  • Moldings - Orac Décor (Belgium);
  • Bed - Gervasoni (Italy);
  • Curbstones - Zanotta (Italy);
  • Light - Karman (Italy), Delta Light (Belgium);
  • Decorative plaster - Baldini (Italy);
  • Flooring - Finex (Russia).


  • Furniture - Biankini & Capponi (Italy);
  • Plumbing - Villeroy & Bosh (Germany);
  • Towel dryer - Zehnder (Germany);
  • Tiles - Atlas Concorde (Italy).