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Mirrors in the interior: design solutions in interior design


Looking for effective and fast ways to transforminterior? Use mirrors for this purpose. They are able to change the space, "push apart" the walls, make the interior elegant and stylish. How to use mirrors correctly in the interior so as not to distort the space? What additional features does this decor item have? Today we will talk about where to hang the mirror, what visual effect it can create. Before choosing a mirror Before going to the store for a mirror, you need to decide where to hang it and what functions it will perform. And for this you need to figure out what types of mirrors exist. They are divided into wall, table, floor, hinged, ceiling - and each has its own role in the interior.

  • The wall. Most often suitable for decoration and visual enlargement of rooms.
  • Mounted. They have movable parts and a large frame. It is better to use them to reduce space.
  • Floor and table. They serve, mainly, for accents and allocation of a certain zone.
  • Ceiling. Possess the ability to enhance lighting by reflecting and visually raising the ceiling.

Mirror geometry Also, what you needto decide where to hang the mirror, it is important to choose the desired shape: square, rectangle, circle or oval. Each geometric shape has its own load. For example, the elongated oval shape perfectly reflects the full-length silhouette and does not take up much space on the wall. Our opinion: - A round mirror looks good as a decorative element. Its shape resembles the sun and carries a warm message. Rectangular and square shapes bring rigor to the interior. Mirror tricks Even small in sizemirrors are able to visually enlarge the space due to reflection. For example, mirrors are often used in the living room interior to expand the space. It is important to choose the right place where to hang the mirror in the interior. But first, let's take a look at its main advantages and disadvantages. Advantages

  • The mirror is an excellent decorative addition to the interior;
  • reflection in the mirror works to enhance color;
  • if properly positioned with mirrors, you can add more light to the space;
  • The mirror basically expands the walls visually.


  • too narrow and long mirrors can distort reflection;
  • if you direct the lighting directly to the mirror, then it will create glare;
  • It is not recommended to hang mirrors opposite each other, multiple reflection can cause a feeling of anxiety.

Alexey Essi-Ezing, creative director of the boutiqueinterior solutions "CEOffice": - Thanks to Peter I, the mirror has ceased to be the embodiment of sin and narcissism, legalizing the opportunity for graceful ladies to correct their hair right in the carriage. As for the design, every year the functionality of mirror elements is expanding, giving designers an even greater flight of imagination in the synthesis of textures. For example, a mirror is surprisingly recommended in small rooms - its presence expands the space. That is why a mirrored wall is considered the simplest technique in order to visually increase the size of the room. However, the mirrored ceiling is a controversial point. If you absolutely cannot refuse it, then do not do it even in the bedroom - it is believed that during sleep nothing should reflect the sleeping person. Mirror in the hallway If you are indoubts where to hang the mirror, then choose the corridor. This room is perfect for him. For a narrow room, oblong large shapes are better. Our opinion: - For the visual expansion of the room, it will be good if the mirror takes up most of the space. Mirror in the kitchen Mirrors are rarely used here, only as complementary decorative accents. In a small kitchen, you can make a mirrored apron. Mirror in the living room This room is versatile. It can use mirrors of different shapes and sizes. Custom mirrors act as works of art, as well as accents and decorations in the interior. And if you place a mirror opposite the window along the entire wall, then additional square meters are visually provided to you. Bathroom mirror As the room is usuallysmall, it is better to use the entire surface of one wall. Do not place large mirrors in frames in order not to reduce the space. Mirror in the bedroom The lack of square meters in the bedrooms is compensated by the mirrors installed on the wardrobes. If it is not possible to fit a wardrobe, then a floor mirror installed opposite the window will do. So the light, reflected in it, will create the illusion of a second window. Alexey Essi-Ezing, creative director of the boutique of interior solutions "CEOffice": - Vintage mirrors in massive, naturally aged frames of various shapes and sizes are now especially popular. They can be seen in respectable living rooms or bathrooms, made in the art deco style, as well as in Provence or shabby chic country houses. In this context, a mirror is an absolutely independent element, easily replacing a picture or photo frames. Such antiques for every taste and wallet are sold at flea markets in Europe, or they can be ordered online. On a note!

  • The best distance to the mirror for viewing is 150 centimeters.
  • Mirrors should be arranged in such a way that all members of your family can see their head completely.
  • Use a small mirror tile with a combination of two textures in the interior. So it will be possible to smooth the joints between them.
  • When choosing a mirror for a bathroom, be aware that it has a waterproof coating.
  • Use the mirror as a harmonious element if you have a fireplace or a beautiful outdoor vase. Let them be reflected in the mirror.