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How to correctly arrange mirrors in the interior: secret rules of architects -


Do you want your apartment to be spacious orat least visually seemed larger? Have you already hung up the "sea" of mirrors, but there is no effect? You're just doing it wrong! Today the architect Sergey Kovalev will reveal to readers all the secrets of the arrangement of mirrors in the interior. Often, even large apartments do not create the impression of spacious and breathing rooms. Why is this happening? The whole secret is in the number of planes for every ten square meters of space. It is good that the architect Sergey Kovalev knows firsthand about all the visual enlargement of premises, and today he is happy to share his knowledge with our readers. Sergey Kovalyov, art director of the ArtBaza design studio - First, let's talk about the advantages of mirrors in the interior:

  • mirrors visually divide the space, due to which the formation of additional planes occurs;
  • mirrors reflect light well, and light objects, as you know, visually seem more dark;
  • By mirrors in the interior you can add colors, but you need to know how to use this technique.

Secrets of the arrangement of mirrors

  • Do not place the mirror in front of the other.

Superstition has nothing to do with it. It's just not the most successful idea to "play" with space. As a result of the effect of increasing the room, you will not achieve it, but to orient yourself in your own apartment will become more difficult for you.

  • The bigger the mirror, the stronger the effect.

If the mirror takes up all the space from the ceiling to the floor, for example, visually this technique will really greatly increase the space.

  • Hanging a mirror should be a pro.

Hanging (or gluing) mirrors should be trusted only by professionals. First, the risk of hanging a mirror crookedly is minimized. And secondly, security must be above all.

  • Use special glue.

To work with mirrors, you only need to use special glue, otherwise there is a high probability that you will break the amalgam layer and your mirror, like a shy girl, will cover with spots.

  • Choose a mirror carefully.

When ordering unframed, pay attention to the edges. They need to be handled safely. This will save you from problems with both frame selection and blood transfusion.

  • Place the mirrors side-to-side.

The mirrors that are glued will look viablebutt at an angle. In the bathroom, for example, a beautiful mirror strip looks very beautiful. To hang such a "strip" should be at a height of 100-110 cm from the floor, and the width of the strip should be at least 70 cm.

  • Make furniture soar in the air.

Lick, for example, a bed on the perimeter of a mirror strip. This technique creates a feeling of furniture hovering in the air.

  • In the living room - a large mirror.

If a large mirror hanging opposite the bed in the bedroom causes you psychological discomfort, then in the living room it will come in handy.

  • Hang on the MDF panel.

It is best to hang mirrors on the MDF panel. So the plane under the mirror itself will be ideal, and the glue will keep it safer.

  • Insert the mirrors into the buisere.

Another interesting technique is to use mirrors in the BOISER. In this way, you will be able to play with the color in the interior, and create an interesting spatial effect. We hope that Sergey Kovalev's advice will help you when creating an interior with the help of. Look at yourself in the mirror more often, but don't be your reflection.