Interior of a studio apartment

The combination of yellow in the interior of a tiny apartment, Rome, Italy

The combination of yellow in the interior with neutralshades and laconic outlines The combination of yellow in the interior with more calm, neutral shades invariably creates a feeling of joy and abundance of sunlight. The apartment is getting warm and positive. I want to return to it in order to forget about the hardships and difficulties of life.

Juicy contrasts

Creating a cozy space on a modest 25square meters seems impossible. However, the Italian designers accepted this challenge and proved the opposite. The compact, but very functional apartment designed by them perfectly will suit young couples without children. The open-plan living room is abundantly filled with natural daylight, coming in through large windows that open onto a terrace. It also housed a mini-kitchen, the working surface of which simultaneously serves as a table.

The value of each centimeter

and high, up to the ceiling, cabinets allowrational use of all available space. Competent layout allows you to make compact apartments at least as comfortable as large apartments.

Natural elements in the design

An interesting architectural solution wasconstruction of a massive box made of fiberboard panels. It acts as an element providing, contains a cooker hood and a spot lighting system for the work area. A color palette based on shades of yellow and black creates striking contrasts that unambiguously indicate the modern character of the design. The lampshades of the original chandeliers enhance this impression. The floor is covered with light-colored pine planks, and the walls are decorated with graphic designs with plant motifs. The combination of these elements makes the interior fashionable and unique.

Yellow means honey?

For finishing the ceiling and making cabinets inBathroom designers also used fiberboard. But the peculiarity of its interior was the facing of one wall with hexagonal mosaic tiles of different shades. They made the room look like a beehive. Honey sweet and modern ergonomicsThey made this Roman apartment distinctive, comfortable and communicating a positive mood. The conciseness and functionality of each element of the interior makes you take your hat off before the delicate taste of its creators. Share this article with your friends.