Bedroom interior: 10 designer tips how to decorate a room

How to make a bedroom so cozy that in itIt was always pleasant to fall asleep, and in the morning - to receive a helping of positive from a good sleep? We turned this question to the interior designer Julia Kirpicheva. The bedroom is a zone of personal space, where only you and the closest family members have access. To stay in this room always gave you pleasant emotions and you could easily relax, it is necessary to properly equip it. How to do this, our permanent expert Julia Kirpicheva told us. Julia Kirpicheva, Interior Designer, Head of Studio Studio Studio 7 Julia is our constant expert and is often published on the pages of our portal. Read more about it you can.

Color setting for peace

Bedroom in its color scheme should beMade in pastel colors. Nothing should be annoying. The wow effect should not be here. Choose a calm color, ideally - a cold or neutral color scheme. Our opinion: - The light color scheme, in addition to acting peacefully on the psyche, is still able to expand the space. So especially this method is suitable for small rooms and those rooms, where sunlight rarely peeps. A large bedroom with light colors will give a noble look. The most universal style, in which such a color scheme will look harmonious - Scandinavian. Today it can often be found, and not only in Swedish apartments.

Tissue wallpaper on the walls

Textile wallpaper soft to the touch. They perfectly disperse both daylight and decorative. Create a feeling of warmth and comfort. Of course, this option is not cheap, but does it save on your comfort? Their advantages over conventional wallpaper are obvious:

  • They are natural and safe for humans;
  • Do not burn out, are resistant to moisture and abrasion;
  • Clean without much effort with a vacuum cleaner with a soft nozzle;
  • Provide soundproofing;
  • The huge assortment available allows to choose them under any interior.

High headboard

The high head will be compositionally designated by the centerRoom and, plus, everything, will make it more comfortable. Can be made of a wide variety of materials, for example, from panels upholstered in fabric. If you dwell on this option, then immediately solve the issue with additional soundproofing.

Soft carpet

Spread a carpet on the floor. It can be a small bedside mat or floor covering - from wall to wall. In any case, it should be soft, tactilely pleasing. Our opinion: - A special comfort can give carpets with a long nap. In addition to a pleasant tactile contact, they absorb the noise of footsteps. This option will appeal to children, especially kids who do not yet know how to walk. Fashionable and interesting will look skins of goats of light colors, for example, beige or white. They will give a touch of warmth to the interior of the bedroom.

Comfortable mattress

A mattress is one of the most important componentsgood night. Choose the most suitable mattress for you, it is not worth saving. I advise you to stay on a spring mattress. For beds with a lifting mechanism, it is better to choose a low model, 25-30 centimeters. If the bedroom is solved in a classical style, a high mattress will look spectacular, which will also increase the height of the bed itself.

Correct pillows

I advise you to choose for the bedroom a few pillows: One for sleeping (standard size is 50 by 70 centimeters) and one pillow for reading (70 by 70 centimeters). The combination of these sizes is easy to use and looks great in decorating the bed. Also, when decorating a bed, do not forget about such elements as a pillow in the shape of a cylinder, a folded blanket at the bottom of the bed. Yes, it is possible that such a combination is beaten, but this is a classic of the genre, and therefore will not be annoying and will always be relevant.

Silk pillow cases

Unlike the sheets on which it is inconvenient to sleepBecause of the slip, silk pillow cases are very pleasant. Silk has excellent tactile properties, it is environmentally friendly material. Our opinion: - For bedding, it is better to choose materials such as cotton and satin. They are pleasant to the skin and are environmentally friendly.

Naturalness of materials

While building your bedroom, pay specialAttention to materials from which furniture, bed-clothes, curtains, a mattress and decor elements are made. Make sure that they are all made from environmentally friendly and natural materials. After all, in the bedroom you spend most of your life. And your comfortable sleep directly depends on this factor. Avoid substitutes, mixed materials!


Curtains in the bedroom should be enoughDense, to prevent sunlight from falling in the mornings, when you still want to soak up in a warm bed. It is desirable to use a combined version - dense curtains and light, for example, from a veil or organza. For the night, close the windows with thick curtains, and in the daytime use light ones, tie the main curtains so that they do not interfere with the natural lighting of the room.


An excellent relaxing effect can be achieved,If you combine a harmonious interior with pleasant aromas. For this purpose it is enough to light a fragrance or aroma lamp. Just do not let the water and the oil boil, otherwise other enzymes will start to be released from it, which can affect the body differently. For relaxation, such oils as melissa, lavender, sandalwood, chamomile, as well as mixtures of oils from ylang-ylang, patchouli, jasmine, geranium, basil and bergamot are suitable.