How to organize additional storage in the bedroom: 10 tips and 20 ideas -


There are too many things in your bedroom and completelythere is not enough room for their location? We found some interesting ideas, thanks to which you will be able to find a suitable place for books, charging equipment, spare pillows, TV and ballet

Storage in the bedroom - a topic, as it turned out,inexhaustible. And the problem is that the set of things in this room is different for everyone: one of us keeps part of the library, somebody has a DVD collection, somebody does not know where to put the TV. Today, we will consider not always obvious ideas for storing a variety of things in the bedroom.

1. To hide the bed is the golden dream of many owners of small apartments. We suggest not to dwell on the idea of ​​a folding bed and choose a variant with an expanded set of functions: a bed-cabinet, a bed-rack, etc.

2. Thoughts about rotary-slide mechanisms cause a migraine attack? Then we propose to focus on the ideas of storage "in the inner world" of the bed itself.

3. The undercover space also contains a lot of possibilities. For example, there you can hide a collection of audio CDs. Or ballet flats.

4. Another way to organize storage systems right on the bed is to drive a few nails into the head of the headboard or put the organizer under the mattress.

5. By the way, about the head: if you choose the right model of the bed, in additional boxes you can arrange a lot of interesting things - from pillows to cotton buds.

6. The area of ​​the bedside table can also be designed much more creative and functional than the furniture makers suggest. Board with perforation will allow you to place on it simultaneously a photo within the framework, favorite ornaments and several hangers.

7. TV in the bedroom is not the most reasonable solution, but if you can not sleep without another dose of information about the situation in the world, we suggest to hide the multimedia unit under the cover of the chest with pillows and blankets.

8. In order not to overload yourself with unnecessary information, phones, computers and players are also better to hide away from the eyes. For example, having organized for them a "recharge box".

9. Convenient placement of jewelry can also be a problem if you do not plan everything in advance. If you are unlucky to find a mirror with a hidden storage system, organize your own behind the folding mirror canvas. Or just buy a dressing table with enough drawers. 10. Have you decided to put the bed on the podium? Do not miss the chance to expand storage areas. Hint: do not just stop at drawers, the upper part of the structure can also be adapted for storage.