How to organize the storage of things in a small bedroom: 12 practical tips -


There is no room in your bedroom for a bulky closet,and there is nowhere to put things? Are books gathering dust in the corner in sloppy piles, and old dumbbells peeking out from under the bed? We know how to fix this. For you - 12 tips for storing things in a small bedroom The bedroom is the heart of every home, a place where we relax after a tiring day and recuperate. Of course, you want it to be cozy, but what kind of comfort can we talk about if the square meters are catastrophically small and all of them are terribly cluttered? Here are 12 simple ideas to prove that yours has more space than you thought.

Open Hangers

If the bedroom is very small and there is no room for itneither for a wardrobe, nor for a large chest of drawers, store clothes on open hangers. They can be of a variety of formats, including bunk. Hang on them not only clothes, but also hanging shelves and pockets for shoes and underwear.

All unnecessary - for the screen

The screen is not just a decorative element ortool for zoning space. Behind it, you can easily hide hangers with clothes, piles of books, trivia and even mountain skis. Put her at the head of the bed, in the corner of the room or near the window.

Boxes for storage of linen

Today many beds already have boxes forstorage of laundry. Approach their use more widely: store there not only bedding (or instead of them), but also outer clothing, extra pillows, rugs or carpets.

Wicker baskets

The most common baskets are much moreare functional than we used to think. They can hold small things, materials for needlework, rolls of paper or clothes rolled up. Large baskets with a lid can fulfill not only the role of the container, but also serve as excellent bedside tables.

Grandmother's Chest

It's time to get the old chest from the attic andgive him a second life! Of course, you can buy a new one - vintage or modern, depending on the style of your bedroom. Keep anything, from clothes to shoes, and keep it under the bed or near it. By the way, a chest with a flat lid can be used as a coffee table.

The space behind the mirror

Any bedroom should be, and unfairignore the storage possibilities it provides. Buy a large full-length mirror and lean it against the wall. Behind it you can hide a hanger with clothes or some separate things. Another option is to drive hooks into the back wall and hang glasses, jewelry or, for example, scarves on them.

Bedside tables with lower tiers

If your bedroom has enough space for one ortwo bedside tables, use this opportunity. Buy tables with the lower tier and store there, for example, books and magazines. In the boxes you can put jewelry, magazines or a box of medicines.


Arrange the bed on the dais, and in the mini podium, build the boxes. In them, just like in linen, you can store clothes, pillows, blankets, books or seasonal things.

Suspended shelves

Owners of small bedrooms are simply requiredUse the entire vertical plane that they have. Nail on the walls shelves of different colors and sizes and store on them books, decorative details, flowers or ornaments.

Alternative to boxes

If you own the most ordinary bed, do notfrustrated - you were lucky even more. Use as an alternative to laundry boxes containers, suitcases or boxes. They are convenient to store not only dimensional items or outer clothing, but also small items.

Open shelving

Use instead of massive, occupyinghalf-room cupboards light open shelving. They not only save space, but also add a little air to the room. If possible, buy a modular rack, which you can collect and supplement at your discretion.

Shelves in niches

For very tiny bedrooms, the use of niches is relevant. - so they will not take up extra space. You can put boxes, baskets, suitcases or containers underneath.