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How to create a room for a teenager, from which he does not want to leave


How to repair a teen's room, do not go broke and keep peace in the family? We have collected for you the most interesting examples of functional interiors and prepared several useful tips

If this text was written for the European and thatmore American audience, it would be addressed directly to a teenager. "How beautifully decorating my room and not spend all the money?" Or "How to persuade my father to paint the wall black - maybe squint, finally, a lawn?". In Russia it is accepted differently - we are proud of our closeness with children, sometimes for the better, and sometimes not. And still, the room of a teenager with the inscription "go without knocking - you will fly without a sound", real or just implied, ceased to be an exceptionally adult affair. And the repair in it - perhaps one of the last truly common projects in your life together with him. Why not take this chance to understand, even if you have to make some financial effort and a lot of nervous expenses for this. Especially since summer is the only time of the year when a busy parent can meet with his no less busy child not on the run.

Organization of space

Start not with what you would like to have inresult, but with what is not like right now. Perhaps, you and your child will have different opinions on this matter. They can and must be reconciled. Clutter almost always means either a shortage of storage systems, or lack of free space. Although the grown up child no longer needs to leave the playground for moving games in the room, air and freedom are still needed. In addition, comfortable, roomy and aesthetic furniture stimulates the desire to use it for its intended purpose. Our opinion:- The most ergonomic solution for a small room, especially as multifunctional as a nursery - custom-made furniture, etc. Structures that allow you to raise the sleeping area to the second floor save enough footage to arrange a workstation, recreation area or bookshelves below. For clothes, you should provide for a full-fledged adult wardrobe or a structure built into the wall. Remember also that your growing child's workplace should be as spacious as possible. Given the burden on today's children, this is effectively an office from home. To plan for a sufficient number of drawers and compartments, ask your child to list the items to fit and their dimensions.

Wall of Glory

Psychologists distinguish two types of adolescentsrelationship to his personal space: a room of fame and a doss house. To achieve the first and avoid the second one, it is necessary to give the child the opportunity to honestly show off to his guests what he is passionate about and can be proud of, whether it's a surfboard, judo medals or a collection of guitars. For them it is necessary to find a place. Ideally, his room should be the first thing that comes to his mind, if you want to impress the girl or boyfriend, a new friend or an old friend.


Darkness is still a loyal friend of youth anda staunch enemy of her health. Does your teen prefer dim and dim light? No problem. Let the overhead light be dim, but the bedside sconces and table lamp are bright and intelligible. In the working area, you need to provide a modern high-quality luminaire with a high stand and a large swing angle - for all occasions. Keep in mind: in teenage fashion - why not make one together - from an LED string, for example? Just be sure to check with an electrician if your entire wiring experience starts and ends at the Christmas tree.

Decor with IKEA and not only

The most cumbersome stumbling block betweensenior and junior designers - decor. Surely the ideas of not only "cool", but even about "appropriate" are very different for you and your teenager. What can you say here? The color of the walls and hair, as well as the length of pants and skirts, is the most accessible form of self-expression, a way to explain to the world what words are still lacking. Why not give your child a try? Or maybe even direct and organize the creative process? One of the most fashionable trends is. If this option scares you or the room seems too small for such a solution, suggest first painting one of the walls in a dark color. The tension of the "otherworldly" colors can always be reduced by photographs, paintings and bookshelves. Another popular option - wall painting. You can, of course, invite a decorator or an artist. But this is optional. Modern "fresco" in the youth style can be done by yourself. To do this, one of the walls will need to be painted with a matte light paint or wallpapered under the painting with a minimal texture. For the painting itself, a contrast marker of medium thickness is suitable. If you do not have a particular artistic experience, it is better to sketch first - a soft pencil on the wallpaper or charcoal on the painted wall. The subject will tell the owner of the room. Look great, for example, quotes from the classics of rock and roll. If they are also in English, the benefits will be double: both aesthetic and educational. If the child has an interest in modernart, and you have free time, suggest creating your own art object in his room. For example, from the bedside table or from the closet. To do this, you need any smoothly painted piece of furniture, the price of which allows experiments on it. Something suitable is almost always found in IKEA. Draw and write on the surface of such a cabinetyou can chalk or soft pastel. If you want to achieve a more sustainable effect, you can use artistic acrylic paint - the easiest tool for a beginner decorator. While it is not varnished, it can be wiped off with a damp cloth or a napkin. To paint beautiful and stable, it will take 3-4 layers, each of which will have to be carefully sanded after drying. When the result satisfies you, gently cover the surface with acrylic lacquer and again use a sanding pad. If this technology frightens you, act simpler. Take any contrasting paint suitable for furniture works, dilute a little (enough that it easily sprinkled in all directions) and "sprinkle" on the surface of the cabinet with a wide paint brush (do not forget to cover up the surrounding objects and the floor beforehand). The more random the spray, the more interesting the effect. If you remove the creative process on the camera and let the child put the record on facebook, you get a family performance. Our opinion: - Even if your child does not have strong wishes or persistent interests, try not to impose his vision of his personal space. Suppose the room is still neutral. Specialists do not recommend children after 13 monotemous design. Your child, most likely, has already grown from ships and planes, or will grow very soon. If you are the lucky owner of a lodge on a lake in the style of a Provence or a futuristic mansion in a pine forest, let one room get a little out of stylistic uniformity. Eclectic space, which inevitably turns a teenage room both thanks to and despite any design efforts - a wonderful metaphor for diversity and diversity of future adulthood. It always has a place and a chippendale with Philippe Starck, IKEA, and Karelian birch. And that is great.