Organization of space

How to equip the best wardrobe in the world: 11 main rules


Girls often complain that they have nothingput on, but all the things for some reason never fit in the closet. How to organize your wardrobe so that it is perfect? What tricks can I take into service? Today we will reveal all the secrets. As many know, it is very difficult to organize a wardrobe and even more to keep it in order. But nothing is impossible, and if you make a little effort, they will surely be rewarded - your wardrobe will become a role model, causing admiration of acquaintances. But to achieve this result, you need to know a small set of rules, the implementation of which will lead to the desired goal.

1. Stripping the perimeter

This is a very important preparatory stage, withwhich must begin to properly organize the storage of things in the wardrobe. Therefore, without unnecessary regrets get rid of clothes and accessories that have long been not worn. They are best distributed to friends or given to charity.

2. Divide and conquer!

The next step will make it very quick and easyget access to the things you need. And there are two ways to "organize" clothes. The first is to sort it by color, the second is to sort it by type. You should also decide what you will hang on the hangers and what will be stored simply neatly folded. Our opinion: - Experience shows that clothes should not be stacked in too large piles. Better to limit yourself to compact, but easily accessible stacks. At the same time, it will be optimal to arrange dense things from the bottom, and lighter ones - from above.

3. Do not forget about lighting

Good lighting is a faithful assistant in finding eventhe smallest thing in the closets and the most distant drawers. This means that you should not be limited only to the light from the chandelier. Take care of additional lighting on the sides or even spotlights built into the furniture itself, with which you can easily see everything.

4. Keep everything at hand

Arrange clothing and accessories in such a wayso that you don't have to search through everything every time in search of any specific thing. Therefore, sort your wardrobe carefully, and put those jeans or T-shirts that you wear most often in the foreground. Our opinion: - The best option would be to put seasonal or rarely used items on the upper shelves. Thus, you not only use up additional space upstairs, but also free up a lot of space for better access to the "popular" items in your wardrobe.

5. Activate the vertical space

To the place does not disappear in vain, you need itapply with advantage for your wardrobe. Narrow racks to the very top of the closet are suitable for this as well as possible by the way, so be sure to address this issue. And if you have an open wardrobe - use the space under the ceiling, there are perfectly placed shelves with those things that you do not often wear.

6. We use transparent containers

They are good at sorting out clothes and gettingto it quick access both manually and visually. Now you do not have to break the whole pile in search of a specific shirt, because it can be seen anywhere in the transparent container. And if the capacity is too large, you should use the organizer insert, which will also make the wardrobe better.

7. About shoes with heels

I would like to touch on this topic separately, because ita burning question for many girls. To quickly and efficiently organize in heels, you just need to attach a few metal tubes to the wall. Fast, cool and the girls are happy - and this is the main thing, especially when it comes to the wardrobe!

8. We arrange shadowing

Of course, we will not put bugs orgps-sensors like in spy movies, but here to designate boxes with shoes (which some families have a lot) is still useful. And you can in the old fashion, manually sign where a pair. And you can go fashionably and, photographing shoes in boxes, paste pictures directly on the packaging.

9. All as for selection

In addition to the practical organization of the cabinet, do not forget about the aesthetic component. So try to pick up if not identical hangers, then at least one type or from the same series.

10. Everything has its place

For a good orientation in your wardrobe, the mostthe most popular items are best placed at eye level. Therefore, what you use less often, send to the lower shelves. And what to do with seasonal and rarely used things - you already know.

11. As in the fashion boutique

For true fans of the Scandinavian style, andalso for adherents of minimalism can become an ideal solution. Moreover, they will be especially relevant in small rooms. The option with an open wardrobe is also good, because visually it will not create restrictions, which means the space will seem wider and freer.