How to store important documents in the apartment -


This question we ask each time againCan not find the right sheet with a seal. In this material, we will try to persuade you to the idea of ​​a more attentive and courteous attitude to the papers that matter

Our life receives documentary supportAlmost from the moment of birth. Over the years, the number of pieces of paper with seals increases exponentially - various certificates, warranty coupons, contracts and important letters are added to personal documents. Most of us keep this wealth in the most predictable way - a disparate collection in the drawers of tables. However, there are 1,000 and 1 way to organize the storage of the most significant securities in such a way that even a child could orient to them.

It is quite convenient to store documents spread out byFiles in large cardboard folders. Folders can contain medical documents for each member of the family, payment receipts, certificates and certificates, contracts and contracts, and so on - only you can determine how best.

And we will show you how beautiful and convenient it is to organize the storage of these same folders. Well, in general documents. Help in this difficult matter cardboard andPlastic folders with marked files, waterproof vinyl folders on zippers and of course all kinds of baskets, boxes and boxes. Well, if you got from your grandfather got an antique office with narrow drawers, consider the problem of organizing documentation for you forever closed.