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Doors in the interior of the apartment: how to choose good


Today we will talk about the doors. What they are, how to properly paint them and what is needed to produce a quality product - about this in our article. Getting to repair or thinking through the design of your new home, we give the doors not so much attention as it should be. But in vain. That's why we decided to understand in detail how to choose the right quality doors for the interior. The doors in the interior of the apartment are completeart object. But even so, they should not be listed only as decorative elements. First of all, doors are functional in nature, and their choice must be approached as seriously as possible. Articles on the topic Doors for opening are of different types:

  • Swinging;
  • Sliding - an excellent option for a small space of the room;
  • Folding.

Classification of doors:

  • Single-leaf;
  • Bivalves;
  • One-and-a-half;
  • Arched.

Cheap doors are synthetic, they are betterDo not use in a dwelling. The use of non-natural materials (such as "honeycomb" filler and the like) in the production process can promote the release of formaldehyde in enclosed spaces, which negatively affects the health of those who are there. Environmentally friendly doors consist of a naturalWood. That they have served a long time, you should buy their veneered analogs. Inside there will be a solid pine block (or any other kind of wood, at the buyer's option), and around the edges the product will be veneered. Most often, we use an array of needles, which is resistant to temperature changes and moisture changes. Therefore, it can always be installed in the kitchen, bath, laundry, loggia and so on. And the average service life of a good quality door is 10-15 years. To ensure that the product does not scratch andMechanical damage, the canvas must be impregnated with a special varnish. The responsible manufacturer knows that the durability of the door depends on the order and the drying time of the applied paint / varnish layer. That is why it is important to allocate more time for drying during the application of each preparatory layer. Let's consider all layers of painting of a product and term of their drying.

  • One layer-insulator is applied, so that the composition is absorbed into the array - it makes the surface thermo-like. On drying out - one or two days.
  • The second layer is a primer, it is applied in two layers. It dries for at least two days.
  • Two coats of paint. We dry for seven days.
  • One coat of lacquer. It dries up to five days.
  • Related Articles Each layer is sanded separately. Thus, taking into account all the operations, it takes about three weeks for a high-quality coloring. Quality varnish is transparent, the structure of the tree underIt is clearly visible. But there are unscrupulous manufacturers who use cheaper and more synthetic varnishes. With their help, a cheap tree species can be given for expensive. Often in the production of doors, a tree is combined withGlass. This helps to diversify the model itself, to allow light to penetrate into the dark room. Ordinary glass is too brittle, and if broken, can cause injury. Therefore, it is best to use hot glass or stained glass. When choosing doors, the financial capabilities of the clientare the determining factor. Wealthy people choose doors from 100% solid wood (larch, chestnut, oak, elm). Bad machines in production will not be able to maintain the quality of the material and its decorative parts. Paslar Violetta, "Wow-doors": - Most of the decorative details are cut on the CNC, which meets all production standards. And then - the work of the master, on whom the clarity of the constructed task for the computer depends greatly. Of course, not all tasks are performed by the computer. For example, the process of processing indentations is done manually (grinding, polishing), as well as painting the product. Editorial Opinion - When choosing doors, try not toVery economical, because this product will serve your home for many years. And if obsolete and annoying wallpaper can easily be replaced with minimal cost, then the replacement of doors will become financially unprofitable. That is why such a detail of the interior is better to buy at once for centuries.