How to create ekostyle in the interior: designer's advice


Tired of urban landscapes?Looking for harmony with nature? There is a way out - the now popular eco-style direction. What is characteristic of such an interior and what techniques should be used in its design? The answers to these and other questions in our article The designer Svetlana Panarina, who loves to use it in her work, helped us to understand the intricacies of eco-style. She told us how to create an eco-atmosphere in an apartment and what to avoid when decorating an interior in a natural style. Svetlana Panarina Svetlana has devoted more than 15 years to the profession of an interior designer. Now she is the head of Svetlana Panarina's Amazing Studio. In his works, he is often guided by the experience gained during his travels around the world.

What is ekostil?

The twentieth century gave us technology.But in my opinion, we played a little in this game and stopped noticing nature. Suppressed, strangled, she again spoke to us and began to break out. Because she is health, cleanliness, joy, freshness, true pleasure. Is it possible to refuse this ?! Man again turned his gaze to nature, felt like a part of it and wanted to immerse himself in it. The transition to eco-style is a step into the future! This is a new value system. Eco is a style of unique beauty and luxury of nature, innovations created by man and conveyed by the language of art. This style is characterized by authenticity and non-standard forms. For me, it is also a space corresponding to the energies of a person.

In accordance with nature

Applied to the interior of the eco-friendly styleMeans an extraordinary atmosphere of natural, lively, warm and real. Made of natural materials, it refreshes, gives a feeling of healing rest and synthesis with nature. It is comfortable, convenient and useful for health - both for the physical and spiritual.

Features of eco-style

  • Simplicity, functionality, naturalness;
  • A relaxing atmosphere and interaction with natural sources;
  • Sufficient amount of light, free space and air;
  • All the elements are interesting to the touch, they are drawn to them;
  • Furniture from solid wood, cuts or solid trunk;
  • Houseplants, flowers, phyto-modules;
  • Quality of interior items.

Choose a color

For such a space, it is most suitablecolors in "natural" tones. Calm colors dominate here, setting you up for relaxation. These are enveloping pastel shades, deep browns, delicate beiges, playing in contrast with black, white or woody colors. As accents that prevent the monotony of the interior, there are shades characteristic of nature - heavenly blue, pale green, wheat yellow, delicate lavender, sand, ash gray.

Naturalness in everything!

Sustainable design concept assumesthe use of durable materials, which is more profitable, in addition, products made from these materials do not need to be constantly replaced and recycled. They are natural, natural, wear-resistant, sometimes rare. Rarity can manifest itself in an unusual pattern, color, shape. As materials - stone, minerals, wood, bark, leaves and reeds, metal, clay. They are innovative, bringing eco-function to the interior. For example, wallpaper and plasters that purify the air and protect the home from harmful magnetic radiation.

Stop! Do not do this!

No chipboard, fiberboard, plastic, polymers,Chromed metal, synthetic inserts in furniture and decor. Furniture in ekostila does not need a ruche, decorating with carving, an abundance of colors: simple shapes and straight lines - naturalness in everything.

Tips for readers who dream of decorating an interior in eco-style

  • Start with the love of yourself and nature. Further, it all depends on how far you want to go ... After all, in Europe, ekostyle in the interior is the most prestigious and expensive.
  • First, start air and light in your house.
  • Relax your eyes on natural colors.
  • Saturate the room with live greens, make at least a small phyto-wall.
  • Replace the textiles with natural.
  • Give up all that is superfluous. Instead, get one piece of art that will be your source of inspiration.
  • Living in such an interior is sheer bliss! Photos courtesy of Svetlana Panarina