How to designate the kitchen and living room in two "poles"


Zoning is one of the mosteffective, popular and common design techniques. If necessary, it is best to use it. Zoning helps any room gain a lot of advantages, effectively use functional and aesthetic space and create maximum comfort even in the smallest area. Zoning kitchen and living roomBy separating the kitchen from the living room, you cansignificantly increase the space in which you can safely receive a large number of guests without worrying about where to place them. How to make familiar rooms acquire a new sound, become fashionable, delight the residents of the house with their unusual decoration? To solve this problem, it is necessary to consider the most effective zoning design techniques used for various interior styles.

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The combination of the kitchen with the living room is suitable only for those,who do not plan to actively use the kitchen, for example, for conservation. It is so commonly called the living room. Before proceeding with the arrangement or rearrangement of furniture, it is necessary to analyze what changes in the usual interior will lead to. Living professionals are usually not recommended to divide into a large number of zones-parts. If you follow the path of excessive fragmentation of space, the room will look sloppy, unnecessarily cluttered with interior items. An orientation in the zoning of the living room should not be only fashion trends. Pursuit of trends often replaces a person's attention to their own taste preferences. The living room is designed for informal rest, but will it be comfortable where a person is surrounded by things annoying him? Designers in the zoning of living rooms are different, often even in opposite ways, but it all boils down to the fact that the living room should be a model of convenience. Back to contents</a>

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The main disadvantage of combining the kitchen with the living roomis mandatory legalization of such redevelopment, which must be carried out before the repair. Some think: the most stylish is the option, when in the living room space is zoned on two "poles": the place where you eat and the sofa for rest. Others assure: it is necessary to divide the room taking into account the age features of the tenants of the house. And as a result, the living room turns into a room consisting of two parts: a nursery and an adult territory. The third reason for choosing zoning is to divide the room into two parts: private and public - designed for the reception of guests. Questions zoning living room can be solved with minimal cost, if you use for this purpose different racks. Not less interesting option will be the use of fashionable furniture-transformer. Decorated curtains and a wardrobe are able to perform the same role, dividing the space of the room into sections. If there is an aquarium in the house or apartment, it is possible to apply it as a zoning tool. Fashionable shelves of drywall are sure to suit this purpose, becoming a real decoration of the room. Back to contents</a>

Universal elements

Efficiently zonirovat kitchen, living room and otherThe rooms in the house can be accessed through a variety of interior items and designs. Among them there are those that are suitable for almost any room. Furniture is a completely familiar and universal subject of zoning. Along with it, you can also use false partitions - a relatively new, but already widely in demand element of the decor. Screens from the fabric will help to cope with this task, but zoning the kitchen with their use does not make sense, because in this room there are constant humidity and temperature changes. They will negatively affect the state of materials, and those quickly under the influence of external factors will lose their attractive appearance. The most common zoning methodsThe kitchens with the living room are: the separation of the room by the bar counter, contrasting color solutions on the walls and so on. As a false partitions, the use of glass structures will be unusual and practical. They will not weight the space at home and give rooms airiness. Arches can be used for kitchens and living rooms. However, it must be remembered: they are not harmoniously combined with each furniture. When deciding how to design a kitchen or living room with arches, one should know about two simple rules. First, the arches are perceived as a stylish decor element only in the room where the furniture has round or rounded shapes. And more: the arches are designed primarily for classical interiors. If the style of the kitchen is high-tech, the arches in it look absolutely alien elements. The ceiling can be used for zoning kitchen and living room, or rather - the texture and color of the ceiling coating. Gypsum plasterboard skeletons help to cope with the task; it is very important that the color solutions in the ceiling design do not contradict the overall style of the apartment or house. Chandelier and lighting - one of the most simple and effective tools for ceiling zoning. Light can divide space of a premise on various sites. In some cases, you can even do without changing furniture. As universal elements of zoning, you can still use:

  • podiums;
  • wallpaper;
  • carpets;
  • floor covering, etc.

For these purposes, everything from which the interior of the modern house consists is suitable. Back to contents</a>

By the rules and without them

Zoning kitchen with living room is possible with the help offloor coverings. For example, in the kitchen you can lay linoleum or tile, and in the living room - laminate or carpet. It is believed that the zoning of the kitchen is much more difficult to perform than the living room, as the location of the sanitary equipment dictates its rules. This statement has its own truth, but it does not mean at all that it is impossible to originalize the kitchen in the original way. This work is difficult to perform, because its interior decoration should not conflict with the purpose and daily functioning of the premises. A common mistake of newcomers who want to apply the rules of interior decoration in practice is filling the kitchen with the maximum amount of things, sorting them according to the field of application. Do not do this. The main finishing material of the kitchen in most cases - tiles. Its color solutions, a game of different colors and contrasts can be used for zoning space. A carpet for the kitchen is not the most practical solution. Whether he will manage it or not with the task of zoning is unknown. The kitchen is rightly considered to be the room most often contaminated. Therefore, between the carpet for the kitchen and the ceiling, which is no less effectively capable of zoning space, choose the second. It is quite difficult to illuminate the kitchen correctly: excessive brightness of light causes inconvenience. Strong lighting as a tool for zoning space is best not to use. The light and lighting installed in the kitchen should be soft, resting. That's why the kitchen and do not zonirovat with the use of only one light. Several components work on the zoning of the room. One of them is a dining table. There are rules for arranging furniture, according to which you can zonirovat kitchen, not directing additional funds for the purchase of furniture, decoration materials, decor elements. The first rule provides for the location of objects along three walls. The second - offers as an alternative kitchen to transform at the expense of furniture, arranged along two walls by a corner. The third rule: all equipment and furniture must be installed along one wall. If we consider design solutions from the point of view of traditionalism, the kitchen needs to be zoned so that its main elements are a table or stove, and all other zones "revolve" around them.