With your own hands

Original flower pot of concrete tiles: master class

Summer there is an irresistible desire to decoratePatio or veranda with your favorite colors, but the need to buy bulky pots chills zeal. On how to make an inexpensive flower pot with your own hands, you will learn from our article Today we prepared a small surprise for amateur flower growers. If you have already used all available tools (rubber shoes, garden buckets, old kettles, etc.) as flower pots, this master class will open new prospects for you. We will teach you how quickly and inexpensively to make an inexpensive, durable and original plant pot that will become a worthy decoration of your garden, patio, veranda or even a balcony.

For work you will need:

  • 5 concrete square tiles per 1 pot (in our example, gray tiles for garden paths 12x12 cm in size are used);
  • Building glue for outdoor works;
  • Paint for outdoor work (for example, facade).

First, take 4 tiles and glue them together so that you have a cube with 2 missing faces. Now glue the bottom. Apply glue not with a continuous strip, but with drops-balls, always with small gaps. This will ensure that there are holes in the vase to drain excess water. Firmly press the fifth tile to the frame of the flowerpot and leave to dry for 48 hours. After the specified time, you can proceedTo the staining of flowerpots. It is better to use high-quality paints for outdoor work. They are resistant to moisture and do not burn in the sun. We recommend choosing colors similar to metallic, as they are very effectively poured in the sun. In our example, American DecoArt paint is used. For one of the pots, the tone of Natural Tan was chosen, for another - Rich Espresso. After the paint dries, fill yourA new pot of contents, that is, plant the favorite plants in it. Please note that the product was not an easy one. Therefore, it will be better if you first put an empty pot on the place where it will be permanently, and only then you will be engaged in floriculture. bystephanielynn.com