With your own hands

Original designer lamp from cans: a master class


If you look at familiar things under anotherangle, they will reveal their hidden potential to you. And suddenly it turns out that cans, which we think of as rubbish, can find unexpected uses. The culture of learning useful household skills, or DIY (do it yourself), has become one of the most popular trends in modern interior design. The desire to create furniture, interior accessories and decor with their own hands has swept over millions of people, both amateurs and professionals in the design business. Today we have prepared another master class for our readers, which will not leave indifferent lovers of needlework. Everyone knows that the best DIY projects are those that do not require large financial and time costs. We bring to your attention just this: the transformation of ordinary cans that you were about to throw away into an original table lamp!

Materials and tools:

  • Two large cans;
  • Spray paint for metal;
  • Glue for metal;
  • Filling for the lamp (lamp, cord with a plug and a cartridge);
  • awl;
  • drill;
  • a hammer.

Using an awl and a hammer, make a lot of small holes in the surfaces of the jars. It is necessary to leave untouched only the bottom of one of them, the one that will serve as the lower part of the structure. Using a drill, drill a hole for the cartridge as close as possible to the bottom of the can, the bottom of which remains undamaged. It's time to repaint the banks in your favorite color. If they had a drawing of the manufacturer, you probably will have to apply at least three layers of paint. When the paint dries, insert the "filling" for the luminaire into the lower jar. Here the main thing is to choose the size of a light bulb in order to be able to screw it from the inside. Now it remains only to glue the two cans. Just apply glue on the rim of the bottom jar as shown in the photo. Then turn the second jar upside down and press it with the rim to the adhesive layer. The original lamp from cans is ready! You can put it on a night table or a bedside table and enjoy the charming light pattern that it will decorate your walls. alittlecraftinyourday.com