Design and Decor

Original wall decor: falshko with monogram

Today's master class is sure to pleaseLovers of the original decor. The very process of work on the author's masterpiece, which will be discussed, will open new facets of your creative nature, and the result will amaze the household. So, we suggest that you combine two decorative concepts: "falshko" and "monogram." It would seem that there may be a common between the popular interior reception and the habit of personalizing things? And here's what. It is in this original way that you will be able to display your initials or any other meaningful symbols for you. To make such an ornament, you will need:

  • An old window with a wooden frame;
  • sandpaper;
  • wiper;
  • Adhesive tape;
  • scissors;
  • Paint (in our example - white and gold) and a brush;
  • Chains, screws and hooks (to create a suspension system).

Step one - prepare the window. It does not matter how old and dirty it is. The main thing is that its design is strong enough. Wash away the dirt, cobwebs and everything else that stuck, withUsing a garden hose. Then treat the window with a soap solution. Wait until the frame dries, and sand it with sandpaper to return the natural color to the tree. Then print out the letters with your initials or any other characters you want to immortalize in the interior. Using adhesive tape, glue them to the front of the glass - they will serve you with stencils. Apply paint better on the back of the product: in this way you can achieve a more aesthetic look of the painting. Start with the outlines. It is recommended to use acrylic paint. Drawing on the glass is not easy, so, most likely, you will have to apply several layers of paint to achieve the desired result. Wait until the contours are dry, and begin applying the primary color. Do not forget that for the perfect result, you need to paint the same fragments several times. Now it's a little thing: It is necessary to make a fastening system. In our case, the choice fell on the chain, which was fixed to the frame using conventional hooks. However, you can quite go on about your fantasy and come up with something like that!