Pictures for an interior with own hands from coffee and seashells


Each of us, once sitting in his cozyapartment or house, office, at work, sometimes thinks about what is missing in the room of something original. And then we begin to visit the idea of ​​how to embellish something here. One of the options for the realization of such thoughts may well be paintings for the interior with their own hands, made of ordinary materials. Such paintings in the interior are used very often. Three-dimensional picture from coffeeA voluminous picture of coffee is suitable for interior decorationkitchen or dining room. It can be beans, coffee, peas, lentils, colored salt and sugar, pasta, shells, cloth, paper, wallpaper, rhinestones and many other materials that we do not notice and do not perceive as materials for creativity. But today we are going to talk about the pictures for our interior from the materials at hand, which for sure everyone has or are easily purchased in the store. For example, let's take a picture of coffee beans and various shells. I think this should be enough for a creative push.

Picture of coffee beans:

To make a picture of coffee you will need: plastic bottle, PVA, brushes, paint and transparent scotch, scissors, cardboard, coffee. This time, as an example, we will also make a three-dimensional picture, on which there will be a cup and a saucer. This picture is probably more suitable for the kitchen, although it all depends on what you want to depict on it. And besides this hand-crafted article not only looks great, but also smells great! What we will use in making such aroma-beauty:

  • Of course, coffee (in grains and ground).
  • Painting and conventional scotch.
  • Sharp stationery scissors.
  • Glue PVA and a brush.
  • A plastic bottle with a volume of 1.5 liters or 1 liter.
  • Cardboard pressed 2 mm thick.
  • Glue gun.
  • Back to contents</a> The process of creating a picture The billet for the cup is cut from the bottle, pasted with paint tape, smeared with glue and sprinkled with ground coffee.

  • A cup for the future picturea plastic bottle and cut off the top of it by the height of the future cup for the picture. Then cut off that part of the bottle where the lid is twisted and cut our resulting blank vertically in half. The result should be a plastic half of the future cup. Now take the pressed cardboard and make from it the back wall and the bottom of the cup, all this glue together with ordinary tape and get half a cup. This half of the cup is additionally pasted with paint tape, so that during the gluing of the grains with hot glue from the gun, plastic should not be deformed. We take PVA and a brush, we cover the outside with glue the wall and the bottom of the cup and pour it all over with ground coffee. This is to ensure that in the future, not be visible lumens between the glued grains of coffee. Allow time to dry completely.
  • Saucer. Saucer for a cup is also made of cardboard. To do this, we cut out a thin, not half-curved crescent along the edges, suitable for the size of a cup. We paste the paint tape and do the same procedure with ground coffee, as in making a cup.
  • Let's go on gluing coffee beans. Whole grains will be glued with a glue-gun. To start decorating a cup and a saucer is necessary from the edges, so that the finished composition is even. The seeds can be arranged both symmetrically and spontaneously, but necessarily tightly to each other.
  • Pasting a cup of coffee beans is madeglue-gun. A canvas for a picture of coffee beans will also be created by our own hands. It's very easy, just cut out a square from the same cardboard and glue the coffee beans around the perimeter in the form of a frame about 2-3 cm wide (but it can be wider). We glue a cup in the center of the resulting window and decorate the picture as we like, these can be buttons, thick threads, dry plants, and so on. A picture of coffee is ready. Now it will decorate your interior not only with its beauty and uniqueness, but also with a beautiful fragrance. Back to contents</a>

    Picture of seashells

    Preparation of the saucer is made in the same way,as the cup. If you put a little patience and creativity, and fantasy, then make such a picture will be quite easy, and even peep ideas in the network is always possible. As an example, we will make a picture "Swan on a pond", it is very simple to manufacture, but it will completely reveal the manufacturing technology. Material for such a picture can be collected in advance on the coast during rest or purchased in a store in sets. Materials for manufacturing. To create such a picture you can use shells of any shape and size, previously washed and dried, but in our case it is a conch shell. You will also need glue (Moment Crystal or glue gun), backfill for a blue or blue background (colored sand, small glitters or painted materials such as a manga, salt or sugar), small rhinestones. The basis is better to take from a tree, but the plywood, and polystyrene of the round form will approach also. The pictures from shells are enoughvoluminous and alive. The simplest manufacturing process. Making such a picture begins with the basics. At the center of the base, we draw a swan silhouette with a simple pencil, then cover it well with PVA glue and sprinkle it abundantly with the prepared blue backfill - this is a pond. The swan itself is laid out by shell-cones, gluing them on small droplets of glue. We paint the bird's head with paints: a red beak, a black part above the beak. Fine rhinestones adorn the water in the picture - this is a reflection of the stars. We let our creature dry and gently cover the swan several times with a colorless varnish, allowing the previous layer to dry completely. Another decoration of the interior with your own hands is ready. You can enjoy the original work. Pictures that you can create with your own hands are still a great many. Considered only the smallest in this huge variety. Some pictures are more difficult and expensive to make, some very simple. But whatever they turn out - this part of the interior always brings warmth and comfort to our life, filling it with the desire to create and do not stop there.