With your own hands

Decorative paintings with their own hands: original ideas.


The New Year is just around the corner, and although you can decorate the Christmas tree yetRather early, it does not mean that you can not do interior preparation for the holidays. From our article you will learn how quickly and easily to make an original decorative picture on the wall. On the eve of the holidays, we often visit the desire to somehow decorate the interior in some way, to make it more elegant. Today we will not teach you how to hang Christmas tree toys and glowing garlands (you yourself know how). We offer you original ideas for creating an absolutely original, bright and effective decorative accessory, which will help create a festive atmosphere in your home. So, to make such a charming picture with your own hands, you will need:

  • Wooden picture frame;
  • Metal mesh (preferably with a hexagonal pattern);
  • Two-sided colored paper of different colors;
  • Spray white paint;
  • A stapler;
  • drill;
  • Nippers;
  • Fastening screws;
  • Plastic struts.Using a stapler, attach the mesh to the wrong side of the wooden frame (stretched). Remove excess with the help of wire cutters. Then paint the structure in white and leave to dry.

On the wall, make a marking for fasteners. Using a drill and screws, attach the painting to the wall in four points (in the corners). Use spacers to keep the frame close to the wall. Cut the colored paper in strips measuring 5 cm x 20 cm. Fold them into tubes and insert them into the hexagonal holes of the wire mesh. Experiment with the color palette andDensity of filling. You can take as a basis the effect of ombre, a rainbow spectrum or just your favorite shades. In any case, as a result, you will receive a unique exclusive decorative picture, which will become a highlight of the interior and make it more elegant. sugarandcloth.com