Garage arrangement

Practical recommendations for storage systems in the garage


The garage often becomes a warehouse for everything: from sports equipment to holiday decorations. But with proper planning, you can turn it into a harmonious space where it is easy not only to park the car, but also to store things.


Getting a professionally designed storage system.


There is certainly not so much space as in the house. Many people prefer a garage for storage, because here, compared to the attic, there are much less temperature fluctuations.

Who is interested?

Anyone with a garage. A homeowner can make it not only a parking for a car, but also a convenient storage center.


Professionals advise starting with a definitionwhat you intend to store. Do you want to unload an overfilled storeroom or closet, or maybe you need a workplace, bench or shelves and tool racks? Or maybe you need a corner to accommodate sports equipment? Once you have decided on what you are storing, you can proceed to choose how and where to do it. Knowing yourself, you can easily determine which waystorage is right for you. Need to use information about how you usually exist in space. Because the system of organization will not be able to change the type of person and his long-term habits. If you belong to people who consider that “out of sight out of mind”, then you will not be happy with the installation of open shelves, which can be seen immediately when opening the garage doors. In this case, you need to use closed cabinets. Those who need to keep children's things and sportsinventory, arrange open shelving. Professionals advise parents to forget about covers and doors, with children it is better to avoid additional barriers. At the same time, some of them recommend installing adjustable blocks for the garage. They believe that it is important here, as in no other room: the contents of the storage area vary from season to season and from year to year. One of the most important aspects when choosing furniture forwarehouse is the selection of sufficiently durable materials. The items stored here are often very heavy, so we need shelves that are resistant to deflection and heavy loads. It is important to note that in such rooms it is rarely possible to avoid serious pollution. Therefore, it is better to choose light to operate and clean the surface, for example, high quality laminate. It is very easy to clean it.


It all depends on the choice of material. The good news is that garage storage systems are often cheaper than ordinary cabinets, because we usually use simple materials and components, we exclude the use of glass inserts. On average, a large garage rack costs between $ 1,000 and $ 3,000 (at a rough estimate).

Time frame

From the moment of receiving the consultation until the completion of the installation, such a project may take from three to five weeks. So says Ginny Scott.


As a rule, it is not necessary if only the interior of the room changes, and not a new construction is erected or lighting is carried out.